Original Ek Mukhi rudraksha, naturally available in Half-moon or cashew nut shaped from South of India.


It is known to be the most auspicious bead as it itself is incarnation of Lord Shiva and is very powerful. People who wish for devotion and salvation should wear this Rudraksha. 1 faced Rudraksha is also worn by people seeking to please Sun God (सूर्य देवता). It helps in solving problems of life. It removes various pains, sorrows and other calamities from a person’s life. It helps in removing the fear of untimely death and helps in reaching true salvation towards the end – basically meaning God and Bhakt becoming one. It is also recommended for peoples who have committed some kind of sins.

Benefits of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksha leads the wearer towards devotion (भक्ति) and liberation from the circle of life and death (Mukti).
  • It is best for all those people seeking meditation.
  • The wearer becomes sin free after wearing the Rudraksha and attains the ultimate knowledge known as Brahma.
  • There is peace, harmony and happiness in the households where 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is kept.
  • It is helpful for all those people having heart, spine, blood problems, lungs, eyes and pancreatic problems.
  • It pleases the Sun God and gives immense power and protection to its wearer.
  • It makes the person conscience clean and even resolves the issue of untimely death.
  • It provides all the worldly pleasures to the wearer.
  • It removes obstacles from the path of wearer

Note: This is a powerful Rudraksh, so small children and pregnant women should not wear it.

The best Rudraksha beads are distributed among the countries, like India, Madagascar, SriLanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Sikkim, Tibet, Bhutan, etc. Among these countries, Indonesia and Nepal are the main growing ground of Rudraksha.

एक मुखी रूद्राक्ष कैसे धारण करें

रूद्राक्ष पर चंदन लगाकर बिल्व पत्र, आक का फूल और धतूरा चढ़ाएं। रूद्राक्ष की माला से ऊं नम: शिवाय मंत्र की 21 माला जाप करें और लाल धागे या चांदी की चेन में धारण कर लें। इसके बाद प्रतिदिन स्नान पूजा के बाद पांच माला ऊं नम: शिवाय मंत्र का जाप करना है।

एक मुखी रुद्राक्ष पहनने से क्या होता है?
एक मुखी रुद्राक्ष- इसे पहनने से शोहरत, पैसा, सफलता प्राप्ति और ध्‍यान करने के लिए सबसे अधिक उत्तम होता है। इसके देवता भगवान शंकर, ग्रह- सूर्य और राशि सिंह है।
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