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Buy 1 to 21 mukhi best quality Nepali and Indian Rudraksha online from Pinkshop. Rudraksha is contemplated as the eye of Lord Shiva. Rudra means Lord Shiva and Aksha means Aansu(tears).
According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that rudraksha is obtained from the tears of Lord Shiva. It is an only type of fruit which is used to wear we called it Utrasum Bead in English and Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb in Latin.
There are total 123 types of Rudraksha in the world but only 25 types of Rudraksha are found in India. People usually know about 1 to 14 faces or types and 16 to 25 is known as bhadraksha or shubhaksha.

Rudraksha face

Cleft in rudraksha depicts the faces of it. People wear rudraksha for spiritual purpose as well as medicinal purpose. According to Shiv Purana rudraksha is known as the identity of Lord Shiva. It is an utterance of a reality of the cosmic force. It is believed that if a person wears a rudraksha negative energies will not come across to that person.
In ancient times Yogis and Munis wear rudraksha for meditation and spiritual purpose. But nowadays people are inclined towards it because it is believed that in India there are so many followers of Lord Shiva(God Of Almighty) and rudraksha is the identity of Lord Shiva.
Some people used to wear it for stress relieving, heart-related problem and hypertension, etc.
Rudraksha is found in India as well as other countries also. But it is believed that Nepal rudraksha is most powerful than the other. People who wear Nepal rudraksha will get the best and instant result.

1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha and their respective Gods & benefits : –

Rare Rudraksha

  • Ganesh rudraksha – There is a kind of Rudraksha which have Trunk like elevation as is seen on the face of Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Rudraksha is available in 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi rudraksha
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