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You can enhance your simple outfit by carrying a chic designer handbag. The best part about a handbags is that one can match it with ethnic wear, western wear, casual wear, and formal wear. Also, it is more than just another fashion accessory. It is a super-useful accessory. You can carry mobile, perfumes, deodorants, keys, makeup items, and a lot more in a spacious handbag. You can even slip one small-sized tablet or laptop in one. So, if you do not want to carry an extra laptop bag to your office, then a spacious handbag will help you tackle this issue. 

These types of bags are made of different materials. If you want a durable one which you can carry everywhere, then it is essential to check its material before buying. So, if you buy one from a good brand, then there are chances that you might be able to use it for an extended time. If you do not want to carry the same handbag everywhere you go, then you can create your collection of bags. Now, if you want to do the latter, but your budget is not permitting you to get more than one, then do not worry. You can check them out on e-commerce sites. Usually, most products are available at reasonable prices on online shopping sites. If you want to buy a stylish handbag, then you can check it out online from various brands.

Popular Types Of Handbags

There are different types of designer handbags. We have listed some of the popular ladies’ handbags. You can check them below:

Hand-held Bags: A hand-held bag does not usually come with a long strap. You can get yourself one if you want to carry it as a fashion accessory. Such bags are available in different sizes and colours. While most of them do not come with long straps, some of them feature removable long straps. So, depending on your needs, you can get one for yourself. 

Hobo Bags: A hobo bag comes with a strap. It is easy to carry one on your shoulder. Also, it looks almost similar to a hand-held bag. However, you can differentiate one from the other type by its shape. Usually, a hobo bag has a crescent shape. But nowadays, such bags are designed in other shapes too. 

Satchels: Satchels come with long straps that also help you wear these bags crossbody style. You can get one if you are looking for a bag that will keep your hands free. 

Sling Bags – Some women love to carry lightweight bags with an uber-chic look. A wallet, your lip shade, eyeliner, cool shades and keys are some of the many things that you keep in them. In that case, sling bags are perfect for you. You can take it to your office, during friends meet up, any trip or a joyous evening out. Sling bags offer a light and carefree look that oozes confidence.

Clutches/Wallets – Some women prefer to travel light. Clutches and wallets are usually their go-to choice. Today Pinkshop is brimming with some fantastic designs, textures and colours when it comes to both types of accessories. All of them available in just a few clicks.

Apart from the handbags that we have mentioned above, you can also check out shoulder bags, cute backpacks, and more. 

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