Men’s Jeans: Shop for the latest fashion jeans from the top brands available online.


Jeans are the ultimate definition of comfort garment for men as well as women. These denim wears are a staple in every man’s wardrobe as they not only provide comfort, but also can be styled in numerous different ways and can be effortlessly paired with western and traditional wear equally well. Getting ready to go for a get-together with friends? Wear your V-neck olive green t-shirt and pair it with your skinny blue Peter England men’s jeans. On a one-day trip with friends, you can easily go for a black and white striped t-shirt and wear it with a pair of distressed light blue jeans, and slip into your white sneakers and for your eyes, a pair of over sized sunglasses as well. Checkered shirts look absolutely slick with slim-fit style men’s blue jeans. When paired with a perfect pair of loafers and shades, they make the men look very smart and attractive. The denims have evolved in a big way over the years and are today available in a plethora of designs and patterns.
Pinkshop presents a comprehensive range of men’s jeans from the biggest players in the market including Levis, Spykar, Wrangler, Lee, Flying Machine and Pepe Jeans among others. Choose from styles including boot-leg, boyfriend, skinny, super skinny, tapered, flared, jogger and slim. You can pair your jeans with a formal shirt and be ready for work. If you are going for a formal-casual meeting, add a coat to your ensemble and you are done for the day. If you are attending a cocktail party to celebrate an occasion, then pair up your jeans with a white/black t-shirt, a coat, and loafers and you are ready to make heads turn. If you are going out for a casual Sunday brunch, then pair your jeans with a printed or bold-coloured T-shirt and complete your look with a pair of casual sneakers or sandals. So, go ahead and buy a pair of jeans for yourself.
Endless styles under jeans for men
We are no longer living in the era where we have only boot-cut or bell bottom or wide leg jeans. Today, under jeans for men, we are left spoilt for choice with the variety including boyfriend jeans , distressed jeans, slim-fit, skinny, regular, loose jeans & designer jeans and so many more. How do you choose and buy them online? Read on to find out.
Picking up the right jeans based on the man’s body type
The pair of denims you wear should leave you looking good and feeling comfortable. But, you must buy the right pair for this. Based on the type of body you have, you can pick the pair of jeans by reading the following suggestions:
1. Slim men, who are slender from top to bottom should ideally wear straight leg jeans with a low rise so that it flattens your slender build. Slim men, pair your straight leg jeans with a loose fitting shirt and loafers for your feet and look dapper in them.
2. Athletic man can accentuate their well built body by wearing slim fit jeans in low rise style.
3. Muscular men who have bigger legs can ideally go for regular fit jeans with wider leg. They can pair this up with a half-sleeve t-shirt with collar so that their biceps will also show. Pair these with sports shoes and shades and look very stylish.
Buy jeans online at best prices in India
You have numerous reasons for stocking up your wardrobe with jeans of various styles, rise and colours. Don’t always go for the blue, black or grey. Go for other crazy colours and dress up funky like, buy a pair of olive green jeans and wear with a yellow shirt or a khakee coloured hoodie. Go crazy with a pair of orange jeans, pair it with a grey t-shirt and sneakers and stand out from the rest of the crowd. These denims are durable, long-lasting and can be styles in multiple ways which make them every wardrobe’s favorite outfit.