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Women of all over the world wear jewellery including necklaces, earrings, rings and bangles to accentuate their best features and look great. It is because of this tradition and love for jewellery that traditional Indian jewellery designers recognize nearly 16 types of jewellery pieces for women. Specific pieces of jewellery for women in India are not only a mark of their social status, but they also signify their marital status. So, let’s take a quick look at the types of jewellery pieces that are popular in India. 

Various Types of Jewellery Ornament Designs

Pinkshop has a huge collection of jewellery ornaments available that women can use to accessorize and glamourize a simple outfit or simply accentuate their beauty. 


Earrings are most popular jewellery pieces available in the online and offline market. These pieces of jewellery are worn in the ears to bring out grace, elegance, and make a statement. They can come as a part of gold, silver, diamond, platinum or artificial jewellery sets. Additionally, they can also be sold as stand-alone pairs. Ear-piercing is a serious cultural activity, and while most young Indian women get their ears pierced quite young, there are several subcultures in India, which also encourage their sons to get their ears pierced. Earrings have a wide variety of designs & patterns which range from studs to temple-style chandelier danglers. Additionally, while men used to wear danglers in the past, today, jewellery for men usually consist of gold, silver, platinum or alloy-based studs with precious stones, glass beads or American diamonds set in them.


Necklaces are extremely popular pieces of jewellery. This piece of jewelry often serves a funerary, magical or religious purpose. It acts as a part of a style statement and symbolizes wealth and status. They can be a part of jewellery sets and can also be used as stand-alone pieces. Necklaces are one of the most diverse types of jewellery pieces. You have simple chains, long chains, choker necklaces, necklaces with pendants, necklaces with intricate designs, necklaces with precious stones and so on. Even mangalsutras can be considered as necklaces, and in nearly all parts of India, a mangalsutra is a compulsory part of married woman’s life.


Bangles are another type of diverse jewellery pieces. Bangles can be made of several materials, ranging from glass and lakh (लाख की चूड़ी) to precious metals like gold or platinum. Bangles generally, come in sets, a set of two large bangles with detailed and intricate design is known as a kangan set. Kangans have a special place in traditional Indian culture, they are a sign of prosperity and prestige. Other bangle sets generally contain a minimum of 6-12 bangles per hand, and these bangles can be in a single colour or they can come with a design sequence of their own for any kind of attire.


Rings are popular stand-alone pieces of jewellery. If you are looking for eclectic designs, you may find rings shaped like peacocks or snakes or trees and so on. Rings are popular pieces of jewellery for men these days. The design of rings is a pretty straightforward affair, these are small bands made of precious metals, some might come with precious stones or enamel. However, there is a type of beautiful hybrid Indian ring and bracelet design which is known as “haath phool”. A hath phool (हथ फूल) generally features, one ring or five rings (one for each finger including the thumb), these rings are attached to a bracelet, with the help of chains. A hath phool is generally either a part of a bride’s attire to increase the beauty of her hands or a classical dancer’s attire where they help accentuate a dancer’s hand movements. They are excellent options for gifting and come in a variety of design & styles.

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka (मांग टीका) are traditional Indian jewellery pieces, which are designed to adorn the parting of a woman’s hair. Maang tikas come in different design styles, and each style has a different name. In some parts of India, a maangtika is a sign of a woman’s marital status and is generally gifted to her by her in-laws. there are maangtikas with one single pendant, which is attached to 1, 3, 5 or more chains, which cover a woman’s head beautifully. Maangtikas are generally termed as part of bridal jewellery and are used to add some regality to a bride’s look.

Nose Pins (नथ)

Nose piercings have again been popular among women for ages. In some parts of India, a nose piercing is a must, as the traditional nose rings, also known as a “nath” is an integral part of matrimonial rites. Nose pins also come in several designs, they can range from simple push-lock studs to intricately designed loops (nath) with chains, which are lodged in your hairs, so that the nath could remain in their place. In certain classical dance forms, also require the dancer to wear a nath as it enhances the beauty of the character.

Anklets and Toe-rings

Anklets again are popular pieces of jewellery. They generally come with tiny bells attached to their ends. Anklets, usually come in pairs, But you can buy single anklets too.

Some parts of India treat toe-rings as a mark of a woman’s marital status. Toe-rings come in several designs and are made of different materials. Usually, toe-rings also come as pairs, however, some modern style designs allow you to buy a single toe-ring also.


It is an inflexible loop of jewel that is worn around the wrist like a bangle.


These are some of the decorative jewellery items designed to be attached to garments to hold them close together.


A ring is a metallic round band that is worn on the fingers. This item is usually worn as an ornamental piece of item.

Body Chains

These items are popular among women for their elegant design and uniqueness. You can wear them to evening parties, clubs, and engagement parties. Body chains are usually worn to accessorize your outfit to add bling & charm.


Mangalsutra, earrings, rings, bangles, nosepins, kamarbandh and saree accessories are some of the most crucial jewellery items for brides. These items complete the entire Indian bridal traditional looks.

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