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Let your skin breathe as you refresh yourself with a deep night’s sleep in specially designed nightwear for women. Nightwear should be trendy, comfy and loose, unlike your daytime wear. The wide range of nightwear at Pinkshop offers you a multiple options, from cozy night suits and pajamas to chic nighties and babydolls.


Type of Women’s Sleepwear & Nightwear

  • Nightgown – It’s not just the conventional styles for older women, anymore. Young divas can also style nightgown with elaborate designs, sleeves, cuts, and prints to transform them into modern assets.
  • Nightdress / Nighty – These are super loose, comfy and crafted with smooth fabrics, like cotton and satin. You can find them in two variants. Long nighty and short nighty
  • Nightsuit – If night dresses aren’t your thing and you like to keep it cool and comfy, there is another option in front of you in the form of nightsuits. These are available in an amazing option featuring a two-piece set. You can also find them in two styles: Top & pyjama and Top & shorts.
  • Pyjamas: You can get very stylish and creative with pajamas without compromising in comfort. These are perfect for cozy blanket + movie nights.
  • Sleep tops: The best thing about a sleep top is that they suit any body-type like skinny to heavy and can make anyone look awesome.
  • Camisole: Camisoles are extremely lightweight and feel like feathers on the body. If you don’t like much to cover the skin, but if you prefer to sleep that way mean freely sleep, then they are superb.
  • Babydoll For all those naughty and bold nights, you need to try our hot nightdress for women babydolls. It is one of the best sensual choices for the night. We have a wide range of these ladies nightdresses in alluring designs and patterns, which not only enhance your appearance, but also give that hot ultra-feminine look. So, if you want to surprise your partner, it will be truly a win-win game for you.
  • Capri sets: If you want to find a middle option between the full-cover night sets and shorter sets, the best you can grab are capris.
  • Night shorts: It allows you to experiment with the mix-and-match trend. You can choose lacy shorts or simple cotton types. All of them are attractive, alluring and comfortable.

Best Fabric Types of Sleepwear & Nightwear

There are couple of fabrics when it comes to nightwear and loungewear. At Pinkshop, you can choose the smoothest of fabrics.

  • Polyester – This fabric is very resilient against cold winds and any chill in the air. It is suitable for making any kind of nightwear for women.
  • Satin – It’s extremely sensual, soft and compelling choice for ladies or girls who like thin clothing during nights.
  • Cotton: This is a soft fiber that is enough to ensure breathability throughout the night. So, it is the ideal option as summer nightwear for women.
  • Fur: This fabric keeps you very warm with perfect insulation. It feels like your own personal blanket wrapped around the body.
  • Velvet: It’s little bit thicker than the satin fabric and has a subtle shimmer, make it an ideal choice for loungewear dresses or night-tops.
  • Lace – It’s like a see through fabric and when you wear nightdress of it in front of partner, room temperature will increase for sure.   

Nightwear Styles

  • Sexy Nightwear: If you want to spice up the things and take your man by surprise, nothing better than hot and sheer nighties, sexy babydolls, nightslips & more.
  • Bridal Nightwear – This range is very similar to sexy sleepwear, but it also includes essential bridal assets that every woman needs, such as a robe set.
  • Feeding Nightwear – For all the new moms, We have a special range of feeding nightwear for moms, which includes nighties and nightsuits crafted with comfortable cotton with cute adorable prints. They have a convenient front opening way to easily feed the baby.
FAQs for Sleepwear & Nightwear
  1. Which fabric is best for nightwear?

    Wool and furs will be great for winters, and the rest is suitable for all seasons.

  2. Which type of nightwear is best for a honeymoon?

    Babydolls, camisoles, nightdresses or two-piece satin night robes will be great choices for your honeymoon.

Browse the Pinkshop nightwear collection online now. We bet you’ll be coming back for more!