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Flaunt your fashionable taste with the voguish designs in anklets at Pinkshop. Choose anklets with beads, pearls, gemstones, tassels, or other materials and style your looks effortlessly. Scroll through our colour palette of monochromes, gold, silver, bronze, and other vibrant shades. Match these anklets (पायल) with the colour of your ensemble or wear them to add a quirky and interesting contrast to your outfit. Wear black anklets to accessorise your outfit with panache. Team them with a red churidar and a kurti to look stunning. The silver-toned anklets are a fare & seamless match to your white kurta and black churidar. Add a pop of colour to your neutral-shaded cotton saree with red anklets. Go for stone-studded designs with chimes and bells.

Made Your Every Step Graceful With Anklets

Once worn by Indian women to indicate and prepare others around for the presence of a woman in the room, anklets today are a part of Western culture too and can be worn with jeans and other casual wear apart from traditional sarees and lehengas. With their jingling sounds (believed to ward off negative emotions) and beaded designs, anklets are a favourite of women today and can complete your look in any outfit.

Size of the Anklet
The fit is a small feature that can make a difference to the style in which the payal (पायल) fits you. Those with a loose fit fall below a woman’s ankle bone while those with a tight fit sit above the ankle bone. The fit mainly depends on the occasion you are choosing this piece of jewellery for. Anklets that fall below the ankle bone are nicer with traditional outfits like sarees and lehengas and are a good option for weddings and other such functions. Tighter ones that rest above the ankle, on the other hand, are ideal for casual Western wear like jeans, capris and shorts.

Anklet’s Styles
The style mainly depends on the outfit you intend to wear your payal with. While chunkier ones with a lot of beads may be nice for a traditional outfit, sleek and simpler ones are what you should be going for if you want to pair them with casual Western outfits. Speaking of style, the following are four popular styles to help you make a buying decision.

  • Brass Metal Designs – Brass metal designs with colorful crystal stones are the best to pair with traditional outfits like sarees and lehengas. Most of them come in red and green. With their classy look and floral designs, brass metal payals are a good choice for functions.
  • Studded Silver – Silver payals studded with diamonds or other studded stones are the best for brides. So, if you have been looking for payal online in lovely studded designs that you can choose from.
  • Single Sleek Designs – Having a fancy payal around one foot can draw attention to a girl’s dainty ankle, making her look trendy in a pair of jeans. Some brands have some sleek silver payals in dainty designs online that will go well with casuals. If you are looking for something colorful, you can browse through designs selection.
  • The Traditional Gold Design – A traditional gold anklets is a must-have in your jewellery items. These too, like brass metal designs are a good option for marriage functions, though they go well for simple ethnic wear too.


Accent your casual attire with beautiful anklets in minimal designs. Wear an anklet teamed with denim shorts or skirts and spaghetti tops while lounging at the beach or by the pool. Create a bohemian look with a white tailored dress and a pair of red flip-flops. A white anklet with combination of fancy beads will add to your fabulous get-up. Show off your pedicured feet with pretty anklets at Pinkshop. Team a pair with your silk churidar and kameez to look swish. Try pink anklets for a playful appearance. Look fetching as you pair this adorable shade with your floral printed playsuit and ballerinas. Accessorise further with a pink sling bag and a pink strapped watch.


Pinkshop also offers an inimitable array of gold-plated anklets to complement your ethnic attire. Pick from encrusted stones, carved details, or metallic beads with floral accents. Ooze oomph in your traditional garb teamed with gold-plated anklets. Adorn your feet and let them get loads of attention with the blue anklets. Choose a pair to accessorise your blue sari or a white embroidered salwar kameez. Stay fashionable this season by picking a few of these beautiful anklets. Buy anklets to add variety to your accessory collection.

Dressing your feet is fun, not just with shoes but with jewellery too. The ankles are one of the most delicate and attractive part of a woman’s feet. So, start making dressing your ankles fun with anklets in beautiful designs. Shop online to find anklets in different designs to bring out the beauty of your ankles in stylish and attractive pieces of jewellery.