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Nail Polish: Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

Cute, sassy, seductive, bold, whimsical, flirty – there are a number of looks you can create with the wide array of nail polish at Pinkshop. Add colors to your nails with shades ranging from the most subtle to the loudest. Express your attitude with nail colours and finish of your choice. Match your nail colour with that of your lipstick. Choose hues that complement your outfit. The options are really unlimited when it comes to jazzing up your nails. Log on to the Pinkshop website or download our shopping app to make your purchases with ease.

Nail polish has been a means to remain fashionable for many centuries now. Everybody likes having pretty, painted, and well-maintained nails. A smooth matte nail polish finish has a subtle and exquisite look to it, and a well-groomed look is incomplete without freshly painted nails.
Your nail polish color should match or contrast with your attire. You can even play it safe and go for a neutral color that can go with almost all attires. The latest trend has been gel nail polish for their long lasting quality and the exciting range of colors.

Basics Of Nail Polish
Nail polish generally has three types, the base color, the nail color, and the final coat. The base color goes first, which is the first coating that you apply to your nails. It can either be a transparent or a nude shade. You should apply it smoothly and evenly throughout the enamel. It serves as a foundation and can also make the nail stronger. You can find the right transparent ones from Lakme. Next, comes the nail polish color which is the hue you want to flaunt on your nails. The base colors should always be picked in a way that it amplifies the nail color.

Nail Polish At Pinkshop: A Wide Array Of Beautiful Hues

Well-maintained nails require a dash of colour to jazz them up. At Pinkshop we bring you the best of nail polish brands with which you can style up your nails and also try out nail art. Choose from a wide selection of nail polish colours in different finishes such as matte, glitter, glossy, metallic and pearl.

Make sure you check out the following types of nail polish online at Pinkshop:

  1. For a non-shiny finish, opt for different styles with matte nail polish. Use tape on the tips of your nails while painting the remaining part for French-tip nails. Or apply two coats of matte and use pre-designed images to stamp a pattern over your nails. Try applying a matte top coat over glitter nail colours for a truly unique look.
  2. Gel nail polish glides smoothly and can be used for a gentle manicure and for a highly long-lasting finish. Gel colors deliver high shine and coverage. Some colours last even for up to a few weeks. You can opt for glossy, shimmer or metallic shades in a gel texture.
  3. Glam up with glitter nail polish, or opt for the edgy feel of metallic nail polish. Silver nail polish is perfect for evening parties. Or go for gold for a red carpet event. A deep shiny blue would look elegant with your long dress.
  4. You can choose your favourite nail polish shades from a plethora of options. Try out peppy pinks for a fun party. Or wear a deep red for a dinner date with your sassy dress. Wear nude shades for a beach holiday. Seek inspiration from the ocean with cool blues.

We bring you the best price nail polish so that you can stock up on all your favourite colours in one go!


In order to remove nail polish :

  1. Rub a cotton wipe saturated in nail polish remover on your nails to remove the old nail polish or to simply dry the nails. The dry nails will hold onto the new coat of polish better.
  2. Trim and file your nails to clean them and give them the desired shape.
  3. Soak your hands in some warm water and scrub gently to exfoliate the dead cells.
  4. Moisturise your hands and cuticles.
  5. Apply a base coat to each nail and wait till dry.
  6. Apply a layer of polish in three strokes and allow it to dry.
  7. Follow this with another coat and finally a thick layer of a glossy topcoat to prevent the nail polish from chipping early.