To enjoy your favorite music songs thoroughly, you must be equipped with a pair of high-quality earphones and speakers. You can carry your earphones with you all the time and listen to music privately. If you want to enjoy it otherwise, then you can bring home audio units that will let you listen to your favourite songs in loud clear sound. Most of these audio units can also be connected to devices such as laptops, pen drives, mobile phones, and more. So, if you want to listen to a customized list of songs, then you can purchase audio units or speakers for your home. 

If you are planning to throw an entertaining house party, then having audio units at home is a must. You can not only listen to popular catchy and peppy songs, but you can also let your guests groove to those songs. You can play karaoke tracks and make your party a karaoke party so that all your guests can enjoy a night or a day of music and songs. If the audio unit has a compact build, then you can also carry it with you for outdoor parties. Most compact audio units are also lightweight. You can buy such audio units from a plethora of brands from Pinkshop. 

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You can check the size, watts, and other such details before purchasing it. You can also read the reviews to help you select an ideal audio speakers for your home. Also, you can choose different types of these units. They are designed and made to be used according to their types. For example, you can buy laptop speakers, tower speakers, party speakers, portable speakers, and more. 

Some Facts About Music

As mentioned above, music can not only help your brain release the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter (dopamine), but it can also do a host of other good things for you. You can read some of the facts below, and while reading, you can also wear your earphones to listen to your favourite songs:

If perplexity has made your life tough, then deal it effectively by listening to music and diverting your attention from unwanted thoughts. Music can significantly reduce anxiety, and it can also help you enhance your metabolism. It can also help to reduce stress. So, whenever you feel bogged down by anxious thoughts and stressful situations, calm your mind by listening to your favourite songs. 

According to research done by Mindlab International, the song Weightless by the band Marconi Union is the most relaxing song in the world. 

Babies who have still not come out of the womb can listen to music. So, if you are an expecting mother, you can let your unborn baby enjoy your favourite songs too. 

The Gandharva Mahavidyalaya was the first music school in India. It was set up in the year 1901 in Lahore. Lahore, which is in Pakistan now, was part of India before it gained Independence. After partition, this school was shifted to Mumbai. 

The first person from Asia who composed a Western classical symphony is Illayaraja. He composed it in the year 1993. 

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