Silk is a delicate fiber for sarees. Sarees made of silk not only look elegant, but they are long-lasting too. Some of the common ones are Berhampuri silk sarees, Phulkari silk sarees etc.


Sarees are an Indian woman’s necessity. No wardrobe is ever complete without numerous Sarees. If the ‘saree’ is considered the national dress of India, then the silk saree is definitely the crowning glory. It is a good thing always to know that the Indian woman will always have her unique identity all over the world. In as much as she is identified using a Saree, there is more to it than that It is the beauty & charm. Women since ancient times have taken hours admiring, fawning over and selecting the most exquisite silk sarees to add to their ever-growing sarees collection.

We offer sarees that are made from different materials, and one of the most outstanding materials is Silk. Our pure silk sarees are exquisite, shiny, soft, and very precious. They are made from the best silks, and this gives them quality and sturdiness. If you travel to every part of India, you can wear a different silk saree for every day of the year, and maybe a few more. Our silk saree collection and various designer blouses will sweep you off your feet, and once you purchase them, you will discover the true and authentic beauty of a Saree. Let Pinkshop show you how gorgeous you can look in a designer silk saree. You will fall in love with yourself every day because of these silk Sarees.


Silk Sarees Is A fashion Trend

Shopping silk sarees online is the modern and easiest way to get access to the best sarees from across the country that steal your heart. Here’s a peek into what you can find on Pinkshop.


How To Pick The Unique Silk Saree From Pinkshop

Picking the right silk sarees online from Pinkshop can be a challenge to many people because everything is enticing and enchanting. These latest silk saree designs that we offer are outstanding, breathtaking, and of high quality. You can never go wrong on pinkshop. 


Type of silk: we use numerous types of silks to make our soft silk sarees. All these silk fabrics have different features and characteristics. Depending on your preference, you will be able to get the right soft silk sarees online.


Color of the saree: all our latest silk saree designs have numerous bright and brilliant colors that will make any dull day a bright day. We have splendid colors such as red, purple, blue, orange, white, green, peach, gold, beige, and so on. You can even get a gorgeous black silk saree. 


Saree work: to further make our pure silk sarees more fabulous, we use different artistic works like embroidery, jacquard, ikat, hand weaving, and so on. All these make the latest silk sarees we have perfect and outstanding than the rest in.


Pattern: our sarees also come in different patterns, and that is why you can get plain silk sarees and printed silk sarees. Other than these, you can also find many patterns like paisley, graphic print, floral print, polka dots, checkered, and so on.


Style of the saree: Pinkshop has various styles for sarees. We have traditional silk sarees, contemporary, modern, Bollywood, Half-Half sarees, Designer sarees, and so on. Whatever your style is, you will find it at Pinkshop.


Type Of Silk Sarees

  • KANJEEVARAM SILK SAREE – These silk sarees are named after Kanchipuram, in Tamil Nadu, where they are made. They are known for their splendid colour combinations and broad borders. They are perfect for religious functions or as evening wear.
  • PAITHANI ART SILK TRADITIONAL SAREE – These silk sarees have been around for over two thousand years. This saree comes with a blouse and has gold zari embroidery throughout. Loved by the Peshwas, Mughals and Nizams of Hyderabad.
  • PURE SILK WOVEN DESIGN BANARASI SAREE – Banarasi silk sarees are priced for their zari or gold and silver brocade and exquisite embroidery. Known to include Mughal inspired motifs such as kalga and jhallar, these sarees are shown-off on special occasions.
  • BHAGALPURI TUSSAR SILK TRADITIONAL SAREE – From Bhagalpur, in Bihar, come these silk sarees which are hailed for their lightweight, resilience and subtle lustre. This saree has red and grey checks on the border and pallu forming a contemporary pattern that can be worn as day wear or at an evening event.
  • JUTE SILK WOVEN-DESIGN BALUCHARI SAREE – These traditional silk sarees originate in the Baluchar village in Murshidabad, West Bengal. When combined with jute, they give a unique texture and are easy to manage while being lightweight.
  • EMBROIDERED ART SILK SAREE – This silk saree reminds us of a garden at sunset time. The zari and red contrast border as well as the blouse elevates the design.
  • GEORGETTE SILK SAREE – This saree encapsulates the vibrant energy and innocence of youth. The bold red body, subtle woven zari border with the lotus motif and an embroidered blouse balances the soft fabric beautifully.



India being the hub for sarees, From the widely popular Kanjeevaram to Mysore Silk, Banarasi Silk, and Murshidabad Silk, there are many popular varieties. In fact, almost every region of India has its genus of silk sarees, with unique weaves, prints and designs. These come in simple colour-blocked as well as heavily embellished designs. The former design pattern is usually for a formal, office look. Whereas, Silk saree is a great attire for functions such as weddings and festivals. 

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