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Traditional Banarsi sarees online on Pinkshop

Banarasi sarees are very famous throughout India for their grace and charm. These sarees made of silk and gold/silver zari work are known to win the hearts of the masses all across the country. Traditionally speaking, these sarees have been a part of the bridal attire for ages. Either a new bride gets married in a beautifully crafted silk saree from Banaras or she wears one for her reception or other ceremonies before or after her marriage. Now, these sarees are not just available in silk, but in other silk-based fabrics too such as cotton silk. So, if you have sensitive skin that needs to breathe, then you can go for a cotton silk saree instead of a pure silk saree. These sarees can also be worn for other special occasions too. The design of your saree and the formality of the event dictate your clothing choices. So, if you plan on buying such a saree for yourself, You can find a range of Banarasi sarees online on shopping sites such as Pinkshop.


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Ethnic Style with Colourful Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi Sarees have been an always favorite. You would have heard or seen of Banarasi sarees, but did you know that these sarees are famous for their zari work and brocade works? Zari is primarily the weaving process of thin strands of gold, silver and copper to create intricate patterns and motifs into the fabric. These saree are made of silk that requires great craftsmanship and karigari. There was a time when Banarasi sarees were available only in limited regions. Speaking of which, the city of Varanasi (Banaras) became a center for weavers during the Mughal times when craftsmen relocated here from Persia. Gradually, the famous Banaras bro­cade became a catchword for Euro­pean luxury and the Banarasi saree a must-have for North Indian brides. The borders of these sarees are usually filled with intricate designs, motifs and appliques. Even with the ever-growing technology, the weavers in Banaras still use their hands to weave beautiful patterns on the sarees. Pinkshop brings to you range of elegantly designed sarees that you can shop for.


Your Stunning Best Look

We have all worn a Banarasi saree and loved every moment of it, but how many of us actually know of its rich history or story of origin? Banarasi sarees, as the name suggests, are a product of Varanasi/Banaras. They are lauded for their dainty, intricate brocade work and fine texture – they are made from superior quality silk and are heavier than other sarees due to the gorgeous thread work that adorns them. It all began when expert silk weavers from Banaras made stunning brocade patterns using gold and silver thread. Today, traditional silk weavers face hard competition from manufacturers of synthetic kinds at a cheaper price. There are four different kinds of Banarasi saree, including the Organza banarasi saree (kora), pure silk banarasi saree (katan), georgette banarasi saree and Shattir banarasi saree.


Sort of Banarasi Sarees Designs

These silk sarees are divided into 6 variants and they completely depend on the designs. Those designs are categorised as Butidar, Cutwork, Jamdani, Jangla, Tanchoi, Tissue and Vaskat.
  • Butidar sarees are the ones that are usually dark blue in colour. These sarees have brocades made with threads of gold, silver and silk.
  • Cutwork sarees use cutwork techniques in plain textures, mainly done after the removal of floating threads. These sarees are usually transparent and dazzling compared to normal silk sarees.
  • Jamdani is a special type of design that is a technical variation of muslin. In these silk sarees, brocades are made using cotton. 
  • Jangla sarees have intricate designs on them made with colourful silk threads. This signifies the nature and density of festive seasons.
  • Tanchoi sarees use silk yarns to form outlines and the designs on these sarees mimic maze-like structures that may resemble kaleidoscopic patterns. 
  • Tissue sarees are made using Zari. These sarees are an amazing combination of zari and silk.

Style Tips For Banarasi Sarees

Styling your Banarasi silk saree is not as hard as you think. This saree is so decorated and grand on its own, that you don’t need to accessorise as much. If you are going to your best friend’s wedding and your silk saree happens to be royal blue, you can add a pair of gold earrings and a pair of thin gold bangles to complete the ensemble. Wearing a pair of gold-toned heels is always a bonus. Make sure to not add any more bling to your outfit as it may spoil the entire look. If you wear a saree with minimal embroidered and woven patterns, then you can don a gold necklace and a pair of thin bangles for a complete look. Make sure to never wear a chunky pair of earrings if you are going to wear a heavy necklace as well. 

Shop for Banarasi Sarees Online

Shop for Banarasi sarees for women online and add these elegant pieces of beauty to your wardrobe. These sarees are definitely a worthy investment as you can pass them down to your daughters and create a tradition out of this. You will find a wide range of pure Banarasi sarees online to choose from.