Maang Tikka – A Must Have Jewellery Piece In Your Treasure

When it comes to bridal jewellery, a maang tikka is something that has to be chosen with great care as it is one of the most visible pieces of jewellery. A well-chosen maang tikka (माँग टीका) goes a long way in enhancing the features of a blushing bride, making her look more beautiful on her big day. One of the first things you have to ensure while choosing this item of jewellery is whether the design goes with the shape of your face. If you are lucky enough to have an oval face, then you can experiment with a range of styles and designs. But if you don’t, don’t worry as you have maang tikka that come in a range of styles and designs so you are sure to find what suits your face best.

Maang Tikka: For a Beautiful and Traditional You

Just as other jewellery pieces like a necklace, anklet, bangles amongst others occupy a special place in every woman’s jewellery collection, a maang tikka is certainly no exception. Maang tikkas easily accentuate every woman’s look as it enhances the facial features. However, before you go for purchasing one for yourself, consider your face shape as the essence of maang tikkas reflect perfectly well when you go for one as per your face shape and the outfit you choose to combine it with. A matha patti (माथापट्टी) is the one that is slightly heavier, more detailed and covers a majority portion of your forehead than maang tikkas do. Maang tikkas have been one of the most essential aspects of an Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. Simply go for a designer maang tikka that will easily elevate your bridal look.

Maang tikkas have always been trending for festive occasions and weddings. The latest maang tikka designs feature patterns that work perfectly well for ethnic as well as Indo-western attires. Wearing a simple maang tikka with your pastel hued lehenga at your sibling’s engagement ceremony will be an amazing choice. There is nothing that can beat the charm of a stylish maang tikka that has the adroitness to make you look stunning in no time at all. 

Small Guide Of Face Shapes For Maang tikka – 

  • If You Have a Round Face – Avoid circular designs as they can make your face appear more rounded. Choose longer styles that add length to your face. Ovals and rectangular designs are what you can go for.
  • If You Have a Rectangular or Square Face – Now you need something round to add some roundness to your face. Round pendants are a good option for you.
  • If You Have a Heart Shaped Face – Short dangling tikkas are a good option for you. These go a long way in making your face look fuller.
Type Of Maang Tikkas – 
  • The Chaand Tikka – Chaand tikkas come with a large pearl in the center, surrounded by polki accents. If you have a large forehead, a chaand tikka is one of the best options for you.
  • The Borla – If you are looking for something colorful and intricate, Pinkshop have borla maang tikkas that you can check out. Spherically designed with stones and diamonds, this style can make a bride look very traditional.
  • Crescent – With their half-moon shape, most cresent maang tikkas come with kundan stones and intricate works which go a long way in adorning the forehead of a bride. If this is a style you like, you can browse through the range of maang tikkas online from Pink shop.
  • Strings – Maang tikkas with stringed designs can make you look like the perfect Bollywood bride. If this is the kind of look you want, you can browse through designs from Pinkshop. There are maang tikkas in single-string, double-string and multiple-string designs that you can choose from according to how bold or subtle a look you want.
  • Maatha Patti – Maatha Pattis are a favourite of most brides because of their intricate works and way they draw attention to the eyes. When chosen well, a maatha patti will go a long way in accentuating the shape of your face.

Every woman loves pearl and kundan jewellery and when we speak particularly about kundan maang tikkas  or pearl maang tikkas, they are statement pieces every woman should have in her jewellery collection.

Shop for the best maang tikkas at Pinkshop

Shopping for maang tikkas online, you are going to come across a range of styles and designs. With the variety of designs, shopping for this piece of jewellery is great fun. Maang tikkas are not for brides alone. You too can look beautiful and traditional in a maang tikka at a relative’s wedding. So, browse through the different materials, colors and designs that this accessory is available in online to choose a stylish piece for you.