Bras : Buy bras online for women and girls. Women’s bras come in various styles, designs, sizes and colours. Selecting the right ladies bra not only boosts up your confidence by amplifying your sensuality

Buy Trendy, stylish and comfortable ladies bra online

The most essential part of a woman’s outfit is her bra. While all other clothes can be replaced, adjusted and compensated; a bra needs to be absolutely perfect. Right from fitting to style to colour, every aspect of a bra contributes to your comfort and fashion. Right from when you hit puberty, it is necessary  to take care of your body. Teenager bras actually aid your growth, health and even your style – making sure you look the way you want to.

Choose from various fancy stylish bras according to your body size and shop according to your outfits, needs and comfort. Nowadays Indian bra brands are also moving towards having a collection of bras designed according to Indian women’s body sizes instead of standard sizes. This means more comfort. At pinkshop Fashion store, shop for beautiful bras available in various sizes of cups, different coverage, padding, wiring and colours, so that no woman has to compromise on feeling fabulous in and out.

Types Of Bras

Bras for women come in various types according to their purpose and different materials that decide the look and feel of it. Here are some types of bras you can find on Pinkshop

  • Push-up Bra: pushup bra provide a gentle lift to your breast for a perky look. They may be made from different materials, including lace, satin, cotton, etc. and can be worn underneath almost all forms of clothing. They have extra padding so that your hourglass figure is not compromised because of your clothing. You can wear it underneath a classic tank top. Put on some palazzo pants to go with the outfit.
  • Sports bra: They help cut down on bust movement and provide maximum support during various physical activities including running, training, Yoga etc. Whether you are just trying to get accustomed to bras or you want to go for a jogging, a sports bra is your answer. Immensely comfortable, this bra is ideal for times when you need to relax or engage in any physical activity. For extra comfort, you could wear it with a pair of briefs and leggings
  • Padded Bra: These bras help provide better coverage (preventing nipple show) and can be worn underneath almost all clothing items: be it T-shirts, kurtas, dresses or shirts. They are available in many variations, including racerback, strapless, halter etc. 
  • T-shirt Bra: They boast of smooth cups that do not show underneath the soft fabric of tees. You can confidently sport your most snug-fitting T-shirts and tops in them. These bras also go well under fitted kurtas and tops. For ideal fitting, comfort and coolness, you should always wear a T-shirt bra. This is a wardrobe staple. These bras are not just good for wearing under T-shirts but for anything that has sleeves – shirts, dresses, tops etc. It is best suited for all-day hassle free wear.
  • Backless bra: This is the most important bra you’ll need for your party wear. When you are wearing an outfit that is deep in the back, or has a transparent back – it is best to wear a backless bra to avoid having your bra ruin the dress. They are best suited for backless or deep-cut tops and dresses. They come with a non-toxic adhesive to help you secure them to your bust. These can either be transparent bras or stick on bras. With this on, you can show off your back without worrying about any peeking bras! We recommend wearing this with halter neck dresses.
  • Balconette Bra: This one is suited for tops and dresses with plunging necklines. It enhances cleavage by providing a gentle lift to the bust while sitting low on the breasts so as to not show through the outfit.
  • Bralette Bra: This is a popular style among young girls and is lightweight, offering comfortable support. These bras can be worn on the beach, during a day out as an outerwear item, or underneath sheer tops.
  • Minimiser Bra: They are meant for ladies with fuller busts and help give the illusion of smaller breasts.

How to choose right fitting bra

Cups: The top of your cup and the body should meet seamlessly. The cup should form to the curve of your breasts without gaping or spilling over.
Straps: The straps should sit on your shoulders without digging and leaving a mark on your skin. 
Band: The band of the bra should sit straight on your back. If it rides up, it means that the size is big for you. And if your band is digging on to your skin, it means that the size is small. In both these case, we recommend you to find a different size.

best way to put on the bra

Each arm through the strap loop until the strap is resting on your shoulder. Then, take the two band ends and clasp them behind you by using the hook setting. Once this is done, Bend forward and, using the opposite hand, scoop your breast so that it is fully cupped in your hand. From here, reposition your breast so it is placed appropriately within the bra cup.

We recommend that you get yourself measured every 6 months. A woman’s body can go through many changes which can cause her to go up or down in size.

always be sure to get the right bras for yourself, and use them at the appropriate occasion to avoid discomfort. As for delivering it to you, Pinkshop makes sure to give you the best at your doorstep.