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The combo of ethnicity, modernism and modesty

Abayas are one such category of Islamic attire that are most common and easily available and preferred for their universal appeal among the Muslims all over India and the world. At Pinkshop, we offer you a wide range of Islamic apparels designed by famous brands for all sizes, dozens of choices in fabric for every occasion and season at great affordable prices that suits to all.

We have an exceptional catalog of stylish and elegant Islamic ethnic attires that help you look modest as well as sophisticated. Designer abayas from bridal to classic casual day to day wear ones with innumerable patterns like A-line, dori style, flared, pearl beaded and embroidered abayas in various colours are just a click away from you at India’s most beloved online shopping store- with shipping all over India.

About Abaya Dress

Abaya is a robe or a cloak like a dress, which is worn over the dress and covers the entire body of women except for their hands and feet. It is adorned by Islamic women in some parts of the world. And the traditional Abaya is black in color. Beliefs in the Muslim community The Islamic women dress in Abaya to follow the beliefs of their religion and faith. It is believed that women who cover their body with a loose garment will be protected against any harm. Women who wear Abaya also cover their heads with hijabs. For many years, there had been no change in its style until recently. Women have become open to the idea of experimenting with their Abayas designs. However, there is no compromising with modest clothing or hurting any sentiments.

Having abayas in different designs with sarees for different occasions is also a good idea. It wouldn’t be fun to wear the same thing to the market, on a day out with friends and when you visit your cousin, would it? Get yourself a fashionable self-designed abaya to look stylish when you greet your relatives at the door during a festival. While a lot of them are black, most of them come with light designs in bright colors that you can choose to match the color of your outfit. 

Type of Abayas

The website offers an opportunity to choose the Abayas category wise such as:

  • Maxi dress
  • Kaftans
  • Denim Abayas
  • Embroidered Abayas
  • Printed Abayas

On A Hot Day

The material is another thing that you have to pay attention to, especially if you intend to wear the abaya in summer. As you are going to wear it over your outfit, ensure that the material is light to keep you cool and comfortable all day. Crepe, lycra and chiffon are some materials that you can go for. Choose something that does not cling to your body and cause you to sweat. 

Different patterns

We understand how important it is for women to dress according to the occasion. Wearing the same pattern of Abayas can be monotonous after a point. Muslim women also need modern clothing as per the occasions. Even if it about wearing Abayas, why can’t we have Abayas in various patterns for suiting their casual, routine, party, and office wear needs.

We have exclusively come up with a wide array of patterns, which have been curated and designed after much thinking and effort. These patterns and designs offer a beautiful look to the Abayas, and they no more look monotonous. Having a look at the patterns, you will look forward to wearing different Abayas from our collection.

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