Broth up on Stockings

In recent times, fashion has overtaken function when it comes to stockings. Their trends change just as any other article of clothing. Some are bold and draw the eye, while some create a sensual feel with the outfit and yet others are worn for therapeutic reasons. Whatever the case may be, they will continue to be around in the years to come and we recommend you try them, if you haven’t already.

You can buy any stockings online these days. You will even find silk stockings in a variety of colours with varying transparency. The word is derived from ‘stocking’, which describes the white colouring of a horse that extends from its hooves to above the knee. Know more about the types of stockings you can wear and discover some pieces from our curated collection.

Types of stockings

Following are some of the types of this garment that have been worn through time by women.

  1. FISHNET – These stockings are currently very much on trend. You can wear them to flaunt your legs when wearing leather skirts, ripped jeans or gowns with slits.
  2. SHEER – They are just a thin layer of nylon on your legs which leave them feeling very smooth and glossy looking. This lends a soft, romantic touch to your outfit.
  3. LACE– They are delicate and have lace trims at the thigh end. Your legs will look especially good when wearing pencil skirts, dresses and plain formal skirts.
  4. PRINTED– Add some fun and lightness to even a simple pair of denim shorts with these stockings. The quirky motifs on them make them a favourite among youngsters.
  5. STRIPED – These stockings bring a geometric element an otherwise plain ensemble. You can pair them with any outfit but keep the prints on your skirt to a minimum.

A Peek into our collection online

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