Bedsheets Online. Changing a bedsheet can provide your room a whole new look. It can instantly uplift the vibe of your room and add more style to it.


Bed sheets are the most constitutive accessory that a mattress or bed needs in order to help get cozy sleep or rest. They serve to protect the mattress from dust and dirt and provide protection, hygiene and also provide a classy and decorative impression. Bed sheets come in a variety of patterns, colours and materials and they can be chosen easily by browsing online for them and also avail them at low prices online. Although cotton bed sheets are most opted for and shopped for, many other materials are available from top brands.


Buy Cozy Bedsheets Online According To Your personality 

A bed sheet can speak volumes about your personality and your taste in home decor. A bed sheet changes the look of a bedroom in a beautiful way. They are made of various fabrics, such as cotton, linen, synthetics, and silk. History says that the first bed sheets were made of linen, which was received from the flax plant. Egyptians have been cultivating and weaving linen for centuries. It is lustrous and softer than cotton. This is the reason why linen sheeting was so popular in the earlier days.


Type Of Bed Sheets
  • Single bed sheet
  • Double bed sheets
  • Kids bed sheets
  • King size bed sheets
  • Queen size bed sheets
  • Cotton bed sheets

If you want to buy a bed sheet online, Pinkshop is your perfect destination. We have bedspreads in various colours, designs, and fabrics. We have sheets for single beds, double beds and king-sized beds. The sheet sets comprise of a bed sheet and matching pillow covers. You should never settlement on quality when you are buying sheets for your bed.

Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in bed sheets because of its durability and softness. The highest quality of cotton is the Egyptian cotton. You can find a wide range of Egyptian cotton sheets on Pinkshop in vibrant colours and designs. The most popular designs are floral prints, geometric prints, Disney prints, stripes and abstract prints.


Buy Stylish and Comfortable Bedsheets Online

Do you often have skin irritation or rashes when you wake up in the morning? Did you know that your bedsheet can be one of the reasons for those problems? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Bed covers come in direct contact with your skin and when not cleaned properly, it may trap dust and mites, causing several skin problems. The bedsheet, apart from being a home furnishing item, helps in providing a comfortable sleep. So, if you’re planning to buy a new bed sheet or replace your existing one, let us help you pick the right one here. Gone are the days when all bedsheets used to be of plain color, usually made of cotton. Today, there are bed sheets in various colors, styles, and patterns, so you can pick one according to your home’s decor or setting. Wondering where to buy these stylish bed linens from? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Online stores have a massive range of bed linens from renowned brands.


Tips For Purchasing The Right Bed Sheet

Although there are several designs available in the market, you should choose a bed sheet that matches your personality and taste. Your bedding is a reflection of your personality. Here are some tips for buying the right bed sheet:

  1. At first, you need to consider the size of your bed. Measure your mattress and see if you need a king, single or double bed sheet. When you are buying cotton sheets, make sure to buy a bigger size as cotton shrinks with every wash. You should also invest in good quality comforters for your bedding.
  2. The next thing that you need to consider is the fabric of the sheet. Cotton sheets are preferred by most people in India as they are comfortable and cool. If you want to buy a premium bed sheet, you can check out the collection of Egyptian cotton sheets on Pinkshop. If you are looking for affordable options, you can opt for pure polyester. Silk sheets are very smooth and shiny. You can use them on special occasions.
  3. If the walls of your room are decorated with wall art, you should choose a plain sheet. Make sure your room has some fancy furniture and colourful vases. If you have no decor on your walls and the furniture of your room is plain, you should go for printed sheets to add some liveliness to your room.
  4. When you are choosing the pattern of your bed sheet, go for a pattern that you can identify with. Florals are great for people who love flowers and nature. Abstract prints are great for artistic people. Stripes and checks suit people with a vivacious personality.

Extensive Range of Bedsheets

Whether you’ve a king-size bed or a single-size bed, these factors play a big role in making your bedroom look neat and classy. As discussed before, in earlier days, bedsheets on the market came in cotton. It still is considered to be one of the most popular fabrics due to its comfort, durability, and breathability. This material helps in absorbing heat and also lets cold air pass through, making it ideal for various seasons. Apart from cotton bedsheets, there are bedsheets made of other materials, like silk, satin, and polycotton. Satin and silk bed sheets will give you a luxurious feel, taking you off to your dreamland the minute you lie on them. The second most important thing to consider is the thread count of the bedsheet. It usually defines the softness of the bed cover. Higher the thread count, more luxurious will be the feel of the bedsheet and vice versa. However, the softness also depends on the material of the bedsheet. No matter how comfortable or soft your bedsheet is, if it’s not of the correct size, it may spoil the look of your bedroom. So, measure your bed properly before picking a bedsheet. Online sites will mostly provide the measurement of the bedsheets to help you make your shopping process easier. Bedsheets might also shrink when you wash them, so choose a size that’s slightly larger than your bed’s size. Whether you’re looking for single bedsheets or double king bedsheets, you’ll find everything in online stores. From Bombay-dyeing bedsheets to Raymond bedsheets, online stores have bedsheets from popular brands. So why wait? Buy quality bed covers online and grab great deals with your purchase.

A beautiful bed sheet can magically change the look of your room. Log on to Pinkshop right away and make the right choice for your bedroom.