ALARM CLOCK – The Impotent Wake-up Call

“Time is Money”, the most useful saying in anyone’s life. If you heard this, have you really understood the meaning of that saying? Timekeeping is an art and an alarm clock goes a long way in helping you with that task. Here are some products that you can take a look.

An alarm clock is essential for most of us. With time, alarm clocks have become an regular part of our lives. If not for them, the world would have been running behind late on many fronts, and that is not a pretty picture, considering the stakes in certain job areas. Though many use the alarm feature on their phone nowadays, nothing can beat the charm of a good old alarm clock.

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Best Alarm Clock Designs

Some of the popular styles of alarm clocks available are listed below:

  • ROUND – You will probably find a round alarm clock if you raid your grandfather’s closet. These are the classiest and most common types of clocks. When you think of a table clock, a round one is what comes to mind first. If you like classy designs, you should get yourself a round alarm clock with bells on top.
  • SQUARE – Square shaped clocks are best for those who like simple styles that go with their minimalist decor. These alarm clocks do not occupy much space and fit perfectly on your bedside table. You can choose between analogue and digital alarm clocks in square shape of different sizes.
  • RECTANGLE – Digital alarm clocks in rectangle shapes are popular for their modern appeal. This sleek clock is perfect for you if you like modern decor. These clocks come in wood and metal finishes and can be placed on the nightstand or your work desk.
  • QUIRKY – Looking to add a fun touch to your plain nightstand? You should go for a quirky alarm clock. There are many quirky options to choose from with floral embellishments to ones studded in a table.

How to select alarm clocks?

Everyone has a own different preference in terms of how they want to be woken up. So, keeping varied preferences in mind, here are some tips on how to choose alarm clocks:

  • If you are often concerned about decor, there are some great options in analogue clocks that feature some incredibly eye-catching designs. Each design reflects a fixed mood. For example, there are vintage designs showcasing nostalgia, religious styles for a harmonious vibe etc.
  • Having bright lights on your clock might not always be a good idea as they can disrupt your sleep stance. Beware of those emitting blue light, as like smartphones, might stimulate you and leave you restless at night. Rather opt for alarms that have amber, orange, or red lights.
  • Choose alarm clocks that have different sound options if you are not fond of the blaring bell sound. This way, you can test the sounds and choose what suits you best.
  • If you are looking for a wall clock for your home, you can go all out in terms of style or size. On the other hand, if you are a regular traveller, consider investing in smaller alarm clocks that can fit your bags comfortably.

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