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A ring is a band worn as an ornamental jewellery by both men and women. A ring usually symbolizes commitment, promise, and bonding.  Rings are worn as a piece of jewellery for occasions such as engagements, weddings, parties, festivals, and gathering with ornaments like earrings, bangles, necklaces & more. They are also a great item for gifting a loved one. They can be made by different metals like gold, silver, copper, platinum, alloyed metals of steel and iron and more.


Indian women’s rings are usually crafted in metallic, beaded and gemstone-studded designs. If you head to the market today, you will find interesting contemporary versions such as artistically twisted shapes, multiple finger rings fused together, gold thumb rings for women and so on.

You can shop online for finger rings at Pinkshop, choosing from a wide array of ornate and embellished or minimalistic and modern designs:

  1. It is choices galore in stone-studded rings for women. You can opt for a romantic red heart-shaped garnet stone ring, or an elegant pearl embedded one. Make a statement in a rich purple amethyst-encrusted ring, or choose a bright citrine gemstone.
  2. Precious metals are associated with all important Indian functions. Shop for original gold rings online right here at Pinkshop. Match the colour of a stone-studded ring with that of your Silk saree. Carry embellished clutches and wear one-toe heels.
  3. Choose diamond rings for women to let the lady in your life know how much you love her. Choose a precious solitaire for special moments such as anniversaries. Alternatively, express your love with rose gold rings in heart-shaped or floral patterns.
  4. Select handpainted and enamelled rings for women which feature ethnic designs in vibrant colours. Wear them with fusion clothing such as sleeveless cotton ethnic tops paired with palazzos.

Platinum, sterling silver and white gold rings work well for western wear. Our designer artificial rings for women add a dash of style to any outfit. Choose from among filigree work, textured, Mughal style, Kundan style rings and more.


At Pinkshop you can easily view our women’s ring price options and shop online for jewellery without any hassles. Make sure you also check out our selection of smart oxidised silver-toned toe rings, which would add elegance to your feet. Have a look at functional and fashionable accessories such as watches, belts and headphones.