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Vests are innerwear essentials found in the wardrobe of every Indian man. Men’s undershirts have been common in the West in the early 20th century. That was the first time men’s vests were being mass-produced in the factory. Today, vests are used as standalone outerwear clothing as well.

While the right clothes increase your confidence and make you look smarter at work, on weekend outings or anywhere else, how comfortable you are mainly depends on what you are wearing under that expensive and smart looking shirt. A vest with the right fit will prevent you from feeling clammy and sticky especially during hot summers, letting you focus on work better. Ensure that the vest you are wearing is not too bright to be visible with the shirt you are wearing. Colors like grey and nude are the best option though a lot of us go for white ones. Also, sleeved vests are better choice while compared to sleeveless as they absorb sweat from under the arms too. 

Wearing A Vest To The Gym

A vest is probably one of the best things that you can wear to the gym as it gives you a greater range of movement, making working out more comfortable. Whether you are on the treadmill or lifting a pair of barbells, you are going to love the feeling of working out without having the sleeves of your T-shirt either hanging loosely around your arms or clinging to your muscles, making you feel uncomfortable. So, leave those T-shirts that you have normally been wearing to the gym for better occasions where women actually get to see how stylish you look in them and choose something more comfortable when heading to the gym. 

Printed Vests For Outdoors

Wearing a printed vest is one of the best ways of looking cool and showing off your strong biceps, the effect of all your hard work at the gym, while you are enjoying a game of basketball or any other ball sport. Apart from looking cool and muscular, you can also enjoy your game better as you are going to be more comfortable, whether it is running after a ball, shooting baskets or hitting a ball with a racket. Even if you are just playing in your backyard, you never know who can be watching you play from a window. We have a range of vests with stylish prints and colors that you can choose from. Pair these with attractive looking shorts to look cool and enjoy your game in the best way. 


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