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Women Innerwears


You might be wearing the sexiest dress, but if you haven’t paired it with the right set of innerwear, it’s all in vain. Underwear has the power to make or break a outfit. Also, one of the first things we do in the morning after a shower is put on a fresh pair of underwear. Wearing the right pair is essential as it is going to determine, how comfortable you’ll be throughout the day. To get the best value for your money, checkout ladies inner wear who offer quality materials and trendy designs without burning a hole in your pocket. To help you further with your buying decision, let us have a look at some of the popular types of ladies inner wear

Most online shopping sites have a variety of innerwear like bras, panties, lingerie sets,  stockings, shapewear etc available online. In order to buy innerwear online, one no longer needs to go through the entire website and search endlessly through all the section. There have been instances where the online shopping sites are preferred over the traditional buying methods, making them much more profitable and easier for the customers with full privacy and various choices.

Types of Panties online

  • Bikini – This is the panty part of a 2 piece bathing suit used for swimming. A V cut bikini has a V cut in the front.
  • Boyshorts – This is a type of innerwear for women that looks very similar to the boys underwear (boxer briefs) with the leg hem cutting straight across the thigh. It will be very short with the waist sitting by the hip but with full coverage on the back and the hem will be almost on level with the crotch.
  • Briefs – It’s a regular underwear for men called briefs. For women it is a modest underwear style that usually starts at the waist.
  • Booty shorts / Hot pants / short shorts – Extremely short shorts (with very low coverage)  that can be worn as underwear. Also called Daisy Dukes.
  • Butt lifter panty – These are panty designed to give a lift to the buttocks. it will give you heavy hip look.
  • Brazilian back panty – A skimpy panty style with a triangular shape on the back.
  • Camiknickers / Teddy – It is a one piece garment that cover the upper portion of the body as well as the lower – a combination of a camisole and panty.
  • Control briefs – This panty is designed so that they give the appearance of a flattened waist, stomach and bottom
  • Cheeky panty – This is a Panty with an exposed back, cut high in the back.
  • C string panties – This is a micro bikini, the skimpiest of bikinis. 
  • French cut bikini / panty – This Panty style will have high cut on the leg with a total coverage on the back. it’s also called High Cut Brief.
  • G string – panties or Bikini with  a triangle of cloth on the front and held on by strings on the sides and back. The back will be exposed, with a small triangular shaped fabric. This style is used to avoid the panty line in tight fitting clothes.
  • Garter panty / Gartini – In this a garter belt is attached to the Panty.
  • High waist panties – Shape wear panty with a very high waist supporting the stomach and the waistline.  It is meant to tone and flatten the midriff and the tummy area. 
  • Mid waist panties
  • Low waist panties
  • Hipsters – A type of panty or brief with a waistband that sits on the hips (a few inches under the waist) and covers the entire hip area for a medium coverage. It is cut high on the sides, but has enough coverage. 
  • Thong panties – This is an underwear with just a  center string /narrow strip of fabric or thong on the back, resting between the buttocks. It is meant to eliminate panty lines. thong has the shape of a whale’s tail at the back – a y shaped back.