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Wear the right panties

Wearing the right panties is important for several reasons. The right ones prevent chafing, itching, discomfort, etc. Imagine going to work while wearing uncomfortable panty underwear – you’ll be fidgeting, irritable, and maybe even unproductive. So, instead of making up for all the missed work at home (and compromising on your sleep), simply buy panties for women online. You will easily find combo packs that will give you multiple options at a great price. You can even find options that will make it easy for you to wear form-fitting outfits without worrying about panty lines. You can find other types of underwear, such as maternity underwear, thongs, bikini bottoms, briefs, etc. If you like a pattern then you can pick checkered options, block designs, embellished options, and so on. So, explore latest collections of women panties online on Pinkshop at best prices.

popular types of women panties:

Boy Shorts

Similar to men’s briefs, boy shorts are rectangular on the thighs. These panties feature low-cut legs and you can safely use them under fitted clothes. If you want to wear a body-hugging dress and if you’re looking for a suitable underwear to pair with it, you can opt for boy shorts. They also make for a good option for swimwear. They provide good coverage and you can also wear them for the night to doze off comfortably.

Classic Briefs

Also known as granny panties, classic brief panties are one of the most popular types of ladies underwear. Featuring a high-waist band, classic briefs provide maximum coverage. You can pair them with almost all kinds of outfits. But, it is advisable to avoid them for body-hugging dresses to escape panty lines. Classic briefs often come in a pack of three or five. So, stock up on a few pairs that can easily last for months.


As the name suggests, hipsters feature waist bands that sit on the hips. Also popular as hip huggers, these panties have low-cut legs and they provide a good coverage on the sides. They sit lower than the waist and they are quite popular among women as they are extremely comfortable. Pair them with low-waist jeans and skirts and get ready to take on the day.


If you’re looking for something that’s comfortable yet sexy, then a thong is your go-to option. It sits around three inches below the waist and features a triangular patch on the front. The sides rest on the hip bone, offering minimal butt coverage. Opting for thongs is the best way to escape the embarrassing panty lines. So, the next time out headed out for a date and confused about the underwear, opt for thongs.  

French-cut Panties

French-cut panties are quite similar to the classic briefs, but they have lower-cut legs and provide less coverage. They have a retro feel about them and they are also known as high-cut panties. If you love wearing high-waist jeans, then french-cut panties are meant for you. You can also pair them with high-waist skirts and other bottoms. 


If you’re looking for something to spice up things in the bedroom, then a G-string panty is the best option. Similar to thongs, G-strings provide minimum coverage. A small string connects the front and the back fabric. Avod G-strings when you are menstruating. G-strings are best suited for beach wear and body-hugging outfits. 

Control Briefs

Post-pregnancy struggles can get overwhelming. Especially, when you’re trying to fit into your favorite pair of jeans. Don’t worry, get yourself a pair of control briefs to easily tuck in your tummy. They usually come with tight elastic bands that help keep your paunch in. Wear them with high-waist denims and bodycon dresses for maximum comfort.

Seamless Panties

Just as the name implies, these panties are seamless – they do not have stitches on them. With almost no visible seams, seamless panties make for the ideal choice of all kinds of dresses, including leggings, sheer dresses and light trousers. 

Brazilian Briefs

The perfect combination of hipsters and thongs, Brazilian briefs are just what you need for beaches. The three popular types of Brazilian briefs include – regular Brazilian cut briefs, one-side knot Brazilian briefs and two-side knot Brazilian briefs. The regular Brazilian cut briefs offer proper coverage, while keeping the essence of a bikini alive. The one-side knot Brazilian briefs feature bottoms with adjustable single closures for that perky look. The two-side knot Brazilian briefs come with side threads that can be tied at both sides, offering a sensual look.

Size and Fabric

Now that you are familiar with the different kinds of panties, let us now delve a little into the other important factors. Size is the most basic factor that should not go wrong while buying underwear. Avoid tight panties as they can cause rashes and discomfort. The loose ones can ruin the overall look of your outfit. Sometimes, different brands have different size charts. So, go through the product description carefully to avoid any hassle later. While choosing the fabric, keep in mind any allergies you have. For summers, cotton is the ideal choice. If you want to pick something for your honeymoon, you can opt for lace ladies panties.

Buy Women’s Underwear & Panties Online

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