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Adorn Your Home And Office With Beautiful Wall Painting

From abstract art to modern art, there are numerous choices when it comes to decking up your space with paintings. Oh, and you needn’t wait for an exhibition to get hold of a painting, as they can be bought from your favourite shopping site. Wondering how to spruce up your home with paintings? This guide will take you through the various types of paintings and ideas to help you make your home look beautiful.

Paintings – Form of Expression

Paintings have a lot of depth. What better way to express yourself than by placing a wonderful piece of art in your living room. They speak volumes about something that you are passionate about. For a home that revels with contemporary pieces of furniture, the right kind of artwork would be a piece that represents modern art or abstract art. Such paintings will stand out from the crowd in rooms that have minimum pieces of furniture.

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Types of Paintings

Whether you are an expert in fine art or a layman who doesn’t understand much about art, you can always admire different kinds of artworks and choose one based on its type, theme, art form, panel type, regional specialty and so on. You can choose one that reflects who you are and where you come from. You can buy art which depicts what you like or what you follow. As a picture speaks a thousand words, choosing one from a wide variety can be a daunting task.

With a wide variety of available styles, sizes, themes and colors, sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision about which artwork to choose. From simple watercolor paintings to digital reprints, there are numerous options which can add an artistic touch to your home. They often come with a frame included. Let’s take a look at a few types that are available online:

a) Nature Paintings for an Enhanced Color Scheme

The calm and composed scenario of nature, when captured in a still frame, instils in us, a sense of warmth and peacefulness. The colour and tone used in nature paintings add to the overall aesthetics of the picture. From milky waterfalls to lush expanses of forests, every painting that is inspired by nature’s warmth has a special appeal. There are several oil paintings and watercolour paintings that take inspiration from nature. You can buy paintings online and even gift them to your loved ones. 

b) Wall Art painting – The Best Plain Canvas

You don’t have to look for a canvas, as the walls of your home can be the best canvas for an artist. From wall stickers to landscape wall paintings, there’s a wide choice when it comes to sprucing your wall with a splash of colours and a dash of life. The range of paintings that embodies a strong sentiment of culture and tradition will be suited for homes that take inspiration from our rich heritage and culture. For example, a painting by Raja Ravi Varma will look aesthetically more appealing when placed in a room with pieces of wooden furniture with traditional interiors. 

c) Still Life Paintings

Breathing life into inanimate objects from reality – still life paintings are yet another option for homes with contemporary interiors. These paintings will be apt for cafes or small restaurants as well. Most of the time, the object of focus in this particular type of painting will be a daily-life, relatable object. From a burning candle to a boat resting on a calm shore, you are bound to find a large variety of still life paintings online. Some of the popular methods adopted for this particular artwork include ink painting and acrylic painting. 

d) Landscape or Portrait Painting?

Paintings can either be in landscape or portrait format. You can pick from either depending on the space you have. If there is a lot of space or you would like to cover a large area of a wall, then landscape paintings are the go-to. On the other hand, if you are looking for a painting that can partially cover a wall then you can opt for a portrait painting. 

e) Single or Multi-panel Paintings

How an artwork is displayed directly impacts the decor of your house. It maybe a single large picture that looms over your living room wall or a series or pictures that are placed together. Depending on your personal choice and the style of your home, you can choose between the two after deciding which would go well with the decor.

f) Theme Paintings

For instance, you must have seen restaurants hang artworks of delicious food on their walls – it sets the right tone and enhances the ambience of the place. Some common themes used are abstract, architectural, botanical, city views, designer, figurative, floral, landscape, modern art, nature, wildlife, religious and more. With such varied themes to choose from, there’s one out there for everyone who wants to liven up their home or office.

The base and the materials used greatly affect the overall look. There’s a multitude of options available such as acrylic, canvas, ceramic, charcoal, embossed, digital reprint, glass print, oil, pastel, pencil, spray paint and watercolour from which you can choose your preferred one for your lovely residence or office’s premises.

You can calm yourself during prayer by adorning the walls of your prayer room with a picture of Buddha or Ganesha, or add a touch of simplistic beauty with a flower painting or nature painting. Whichever option you decide, a beautiful picture is sure to grab the attention of your guests and enhance the overall look of the place.