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Lipsticks – Let Your Lips Do The Talking

Lips are the most sensual part of your body. But to really get that attention-grabbing touch, you need a dash of colour and glow. Among all the cosmetics that are available now days, one particular product that helps you get that shine is the lipstick. With numerous options features various oils, waxes and eye-catching pigments, lipsticks can brighten things up for you in a jiffy.

Balloons, flea markets, flowers, and lips – they’re all best when they’re bright and colorful. Whether you want to dress up your attire or dress down, with the right lipstick, you can set the right mood. With so many shades of lipsticks available, finding the perfect shade can be nearly impossible.Thankfully, you found us, we’ll help you pick the best lipstick online from brands like Mac lipstick, Loreal lipstick, Colorbar lipstick, Lakme lipstick , maybelline lipstick and much more.

But before you go all crazy and order, we have a tip to share: picking the right lip color is all about knowing your skin tone.

Lip colour has been used in ancient times by Sumerians and even by people of the Indus Valley civilisation. Egyptian royalty used to apply colour on their lips as a symbol of power, beauty and youthfulness. Adding colour to your lips was considered taboo in the early 20th century until Hollywood stars helped popularize it as regular makeup. The first modern swivel up lip colour tube appeared in 1923.

Today, this cosmetics must-have is an important part of every woman’s makeup kit. Pinkshop brings you the best of branded lipsticks online.

Lipstick Collection Of Pinkshop: For Luscious Lips And A Beautiful Smile

Pinkshop brings you a wide range of lipstick colours and smooth and creamy textures. You can choose from among crayon, liquid, or pencil applicators. Select the type of finish that you would like such as matte, creme, pearl or glossy. Our lipstick brands offer the best quality makeup products which have been thoroughly checked.

Here is a list of the various types of lipsticks online at Pinkshop from which you can choose the ones best for your lips:

  1. When your lip colour starts to run or smudge it gets quite embarrassing. We bring you a lineup of long-lasting lipsticks equipped with advanced polymer technology. This offers a high degree of pigmentation to increase the effectiveness of your lip colour. To increase the longevity of your lip colour, you can also use a primer as a base. Alternatively, you can buy lipsticks online with a built-in primer.
  2. Choose lipsticks with special features which offer better protection for your lips. Versions with SPF would let you face the sun outside with courage. Meanwhile, smudge-free liquid varieties ensure that the colour does not leak and is long-wearing.
  3. If your lips are on the drier side and you are worried about losing their moisture, opt for a bit of hydration. Moisturising lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E and help keep your lips soft and supple for hours. Try a special formulation which features precious oils which would help smoothen the cracks on your lips and give them a petal-like feel.

And there are more varieties to choose from in a lipstick price range that is quite affordable.

Which lipstick is best?

The best lipsticks have a lightweight, long-lasting, moisturizing, and smudge-proof formula that can get you through a good 5-6 hours of the day without re-application.

You can find lipsticks that give you a satin, glossy, matte, and pearl finish every time you wear it. Also, you can select lipstick ingredients according to your preference, be it alcohol-free or infused with herbal ingredients.

How do i apply lipstick?

Here are some steps you could follow while applying lipstick –

  1. Always start by applying lip balm for having an even application of lipstick. Lip balms help in reducing crevices and help make lips smoother.
  2. Choose a lip liner that matches your lips and not your lipstick. Use a lip pencil and make small strokes at different points along the outline. Finally, connect the strokes using a lip liner to connect the dots.
  3. Then pick up a lipstick of your choice and start filling it in the outline you just made. Make sure you start from the centre and then move from one corner to the other. 
  4. Lastly, keep your teeth clean from lipsticks marks by using a tissue paper. Fold it in half and then blot it on your lips. You can also dust a little powder on the tissue paper and dab it on your lips.