Petticoats Women’s Skirts, Saree shapewear or Petticoats is designed to render the shape of your body while you put on a nice ethnic outfit such as a lehenga or a saree. Buy saree petticoats for women according to the choice and comfort from our online Indian wear webstore.

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A petticoat is essentially a long skirt worn under a saree so that one can drape and tuck the saree in it. Petticoats are made of extremely light materials, usually cotton and satin. When worn traditionally, a petticoat must be a lighter shade of the saree that you’re wearing so that it doesn’t add a dark overcast to the shade of the saree or end up clashing with the color. A well-cut petticoat can make your tops or blouse stand more perfectly with your trousers so you look smarter and more neat while at work. These clothes you wear under your outfit play an important role look of your outfit and in turn, your confidence as you carry them out.

Nowadays, Indian designers have begun to experiment with modern petticoats. This means that there are various types of petticoats for sarees available in the market today. Instead of focusing on petticoats that blend into the saree, designers have started adding sequins, embroidery and stone work to the petticoat in order to compliment the saree itself. Sequined metallic petticoats along with fish cut petticoats for sarees have been seen since 2012 and are certainly one of the best ways to glamorize this fashion attire.

The Right Petticoats To Give Your Outfit The Perfect Fit

Once you’ve selected the perfect saree petticoat, it’s time to make sure that you look stunning by accessorizing flawlessly. Sarees look absolutely elegant when paired with apt footwear as they complement the overall look of the outfit. Always remember to carry an ethnic handbags that goes well with the saree’s color. Stone work jewellery is great for a formal occasion and you can also wear fashion jewelry for a casual event.

The Perfect Petticoat To Make You Look Stunning & Gorgeous In A Saree

Buying underclothes or inner wears of any kind can make a woman or girl feel uncomfortable, especially when she has to explain the fit and other things that she is looking for. This is why shopping for petticoats online is always a better option as you can have a look at the size, color and other features to choose the petticoat online that you want to buy. 

In fact a bad petticoat can ruin the entire look of your saree, no matter how much expensive it is. The color, like always, is one of the most important thing and has to match the sarees you are wearing, especially, if your saree is a thin one. The next thing that you have to look at is the fit. So, if you want to drape the saree in a stylish way to make you look slim when you walk, you need to choose a petticoat with the right fit. A flare and old-fashioned petticoat will not help you drape that chiffon saree make you look sexy as you walk. A-lines, fish cuts and ruffles are some of the things you can experiment with when you are choosing petticoats for your sarees. And finally, do not forget the material. Cotton may keep you cool and comfortable the entire day, but may not be a very good option with a formal saree worn at weddings and other occasions. Materials like satin, give you more sleek fit, making them perfect with chiffon and georgette sarees. 

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