Kajal is one thing that you need to have in your kitty. It is applied on the waterline of the eyes, So your eyes look bigger and beautiful.


Make Your Eyes Speak Volumes with the Best Kajal 

Your eyes can be made even more beautiful with the right makeup. The perfect kajal, eye shadow, eye liner, etc., are some of the products that can be used to accentuate your best feature. You can make your eyes look bold and beautiful or opt for a more girly and youthful look. Along with your eyes, you can even make your lips look more plump with lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, and more.

No make-up look can be considered complete without the use of eye kajal or kohl. This is especially the case with Middle Eastern countries and the Indian subcontinent where the eyes have always been prized as the best feature of the face. Traditionally, in Egypt as long back as 3100BC, Kohl was used by noble women and queens.

Within India itself, you can find various forms of this product known as surma or kanmashi or kaadige or kaatuka and others, depending on where you might be. The kajal eye stick is even used on infants and is believed to have cooling as well as protective properties. Read further to know the different types of eye makeup available to you.

Office Beauty 
You can dress sharp to the office in a formal dress or a formal skirt paired with a blouse. The look can be complemented with a subtle eye look. Where you can line your eyes with a pencil or eyeliner. You can apply a foundation (that matches your skin tone) and a concealer as well. Add a little bit of colour to your look with a lipstick and a little bit of blush on your cheeks. You can choose to skip the foundation and concealer if you want to keep your look minimal. Put on a pair of pumps or wedges and walk tall in your office. If you’re not comfortable wearing heels for long, you can wear kitten heels or ballet flats. 
Date Night Daring 
You can turn up the heat before you head out on a date night dinner with your partner. Put on a red dress with tie-up heels. Style your hair into loose curls and line your eyes with kajal, mascara, and eye liner. You can take it up a notch by putting some dark eyeshadow as well. Apply some nude lipstick and carry a clutch or a purse for your essentials. Your look will make your partner squirm in his seat, all night long. Make sure that you take pictures of the night and post them on social media to garner admiration from all your followers. 

Types of kajal for your eyes

If you are shopping for this product, you will find this information very helpful, so read on.

Pencil – When you talk of a kajal, this is the most common image that will come to mind. You will find both think and thin versions of it to suit your needs. It is the best bet when you are starting out and using the product on a daily basis. Make sure to have a sharpener on hand to keep the pencil in the best shape.

Gel – If you are a fan of sporting the cat eye look, it is time that you familiarise yourself with this type of formulation. Generally, the product comes in a small pot with an applicator brush provided. But if not, you can use any dense angled brush to get the perfect flick at the corner of your eyelid. This might take some practice but the creamy texture of this kajal makes it easy to create thin or thick lines.

Liquid – This format of kajal has been around for a long time. It is apt for the times when you want to create thin or delicate designs with it on your eyelids. To apply it well, it is essential that you have a steady hand. If you are a newbie, we wouldn’t recommend it when you are pressed for time. But if you have the time, then the eye looks that you can create with this can look very impressive.

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