Computer peripherals are external devices, that enhance your machine’s functionality through better performance, design, sound quality and more.


It’s not enough to just have a desktop these days. Just like how listening to music is better when you have a set of good-quality speakers backing it up, computers and desktops need a couple of accessories to help it out with different things. but also one that has accessories like a printer or a scanner ready to help you out with all your paperwork? Why choose to run down to cyber cafes when you can get the work done right at home? Here’s your chance to make your home a truly smart one. We’ve put together an extensive collection of computer peripherals so you have the luxury of furnishing your home with smart devices that you’ll get good use out of, in a convenient way.

Computer peripherals – Accessories that your system needs

Monitors – Desktops are always the best bet for anyone who’s looking for a computer for their home. Choose from our collection of monitors in varying display sizes, different display types, and categorized into different groups based on the approximate amount of time each of them takes to respond.

Printers – You can afford overlooking certain computer peripherals, but printers are something that we can all find use for. A few things that you want to look into with printers is their type (inkjet or laser), their interface type, their functions (print, scan, copy, fax), and their output power.

Ink cartridges – Available in many colors, you need these printer peripherals. Depending on the quality of an ink cartridge, you can print out your kid’s school assignments, your office documents, and any kind of paperwork at home. The better the quality of the ink cartridge, the darker and crisper the print.

Scanners – Make as many copies of a file as you want; it’s simple when you have a scanner. Most of them support all or most file formats, and some even feature USB support.

Ink toners – Ensure that your documents always have a clear print, with our collection of printer ink toners in different colors.

All-in-one desktops – If you want a neat and convenient computer system, all-in-one desktops are a good bet. These computer systems operate without bulky CPUs, and are much more easily portable than the traditional ones.

Portable projectors – You may have spent sleepless nights working on a project, but what good is it if technical glitches play spoilsport to your presentation. Don’t let these little things get you down. We have portable projectors that support wireless network connectivity and are backed up by rechargeable batteries which are highly bankable.

CPUs – The heart of a computer system, there are a couple of things that you might want to look into with CPUs – their processor type, their hard disk capacity, the type of memory technology they are equipped with, and their operating system.

Shop the smart way, buy computer peripherals online

HP, Dell, Samsung, AOC, LG, Epson, and Canon; you can shop for computer accessories from these leading brands (and more) from wherever you are if you shop for them online.

Computer peripherals is the broad name given to different devices that can be connected to a computer to enhance its features and functionality. There are a lot of innovative devices designed to enhance your computing experience and help make work easier. You can also find a variety of computer peripherals designed to improve your audio and visual experience as well. The ability of the computer to connect to multiple peripherals at once make it a versatile tool in the hands of professional artists and programmers.

Combine your computer with a projector to see your images and video projected on a large screen or wall. Use it as a modified home-theater set or use it to make presentations to impress your boss and clients. Gone are the days when a computer user had to sit up close to a monitor. The newer sleeker monitors produce high definition images and video, allowing you to play your favorite games in high resolution or watch your favorite movies in 1080 p resolution. Use a scanner to scan all your important documents and keep a copy safely stored in a pen drive, in case you lose the originals. Scanning also helps you make copies of your art work or written work, allowing you to upload them to show other people.

A printer is another commonly used computer peripheral that can be found in most companies and homes. Print out documents or articles to read at your convenience. Refill the printer’s ink when it runs low with specially designed ink cartridges. Buy computer peripherals online from Pinkshop and have them delivered directly to your doorstep in mint condition. Pay for them using your credit card or debit card through a secure payment processing system. You can also avail the cash on delivery option, if you are uncomfortable making payments online.