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Summer, heat, humidity, and sweat collectively personify India’s general climate and most of the northern hemisphere. Whether you are fashion conscious or a comfort wearer, look your fashionable best wearing the coolest of fabrics—Cotton. For ages, cotton shirts in India have been the staple garment but have garnered extra attention over the years, both at home and globally, due to their style and ease to pair with all sorts of clothing and accessories. With its vast collection of cotton shirts, Pinkshop offers a wide array of cotton apparel to choose from the popular brands. 


Collection of Cotton Shirts


You can find shirts featuring mandarin collars, regular collars, solid colours, prints, patterns and rolled-up sleeves. 

  • Occasion – Have a chic cotton shirt ready, be it a casual, formal, semi-formal or party you have to dress for. Nothing beats a refined shirt that is both cool and classy.
  • Sleeve length – Whether you like long sleeves, short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves or sleeveless shirts, we have a fine range of linen cotton shirts, cotton T-shirts and kurtas from reputable brands. 
  • Fit – The fit of your shirt majorly contributes to giving your upper body a shape and silhouette. Choose from boxy, skinny fit, regular fit, slim fit and tailored fit to sport your desired silhouettes. 
  • Pattern –  The variety of patterns available in cotton shirts is unbeatable. You get to take your pick from checked, faded, self-design, striped, colour-blocked, printed and solid cotton shirts to go with your trousers and pants.

Wear Men’s Cotton Shirts Stylishly

The simple everyday dresser and the suave high-fashionistas agree that cotton shirts are the ultimate answer to look impeccable and comfortable.

Here is some instant fashion inspiration from your online style guru, Pinkshop. 

  • Men can score a 100 in a simple white cotton shirt paired with the quintessential blue jeans.
  • A linen kurta or cotton T-shirts for men can easily be paired with loose fit jeans or chinos and sneakers for casual daily wear. Wearing a cotton check shirt, too looks great.
  • A formal shirt, when worn with slim-fit trousers and loafers, can create a high-end business-class look.
  • Sport, a calm yet crisp party, look in a cotton formal shirt with white jeans and a watch.


Cotton Shirts Online on Pinkshop

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