Hand crafted exclusive gold plated hip belts called as Kamarband.


There are a variety of jewellery pieces that a woman wishes to own. Amidst the ornaments such as earringsnecklaces, bracelets, anklets, maang tikas, rings and bangles, there is that one ornament that defines beauty to the hilt – a kamarband. Not many women own it, because they are not sure how to wear one, or are too hesitant to possess one. But with a huge number of options to choose from, there are high chances that you will be tempted to buy at least one if not more.

How to choose a kamarband?

kamarbands are essentially an accessory to define your waistline. They are usually worn with traditional outfits to pep them up by a notch. Don’t worry if you are clueless about choosing kamarband, as we are here to help you by giving you certain tips and tricks of Waist chains.

Traditional or contemporary

If you want something traditional and heavy, you can go for a gorgeous one that has an intricate design and multiple chains to give your saree look an edge. If you are already wearing a heavy saree, and wish to give it a touch of elegance, go for a sleek kamarband that will highlight your curvy frame beautifully. What’s more, you can also go for modish-looking kamarbands to wear on a gown or a long dress, and rock the chic look.

Choice of gemstones and material

An ideal kamarband is defined by the gemstones studded on it. Some of the popular gemstones used in kamarbands are crystal, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby and Swarovski crystal. If you have never bought a kamarband before, then it is better to start with a crystal studded one. But, if you are a bride-to-be, you can go ahead and choose a diamond waistband to keep things classy and gorgeous. When it comes to the band material, you have the options to choose from alloy, brass, fabric, metal, nickel and silver depending on which style makes you comfortable.

Fitted or hanging

While some kamarbands are fitted, some look best when left hanging loose on your waist. The hanging ones usually have a detailing at the side to highlight your curvy waistline. The fitted one looks good both on sarees as well as gowns, as they have a sleek appeal. So choose one that you will be able to pull off with elan, and buy online.

Body shape

It’s a myth that kamarbands are only made for slim and curvy women. Whether you are on the thinner, or on the heavier side, they can suit women of all shapes. While choosing one for a slim woman is pretty much easy, heavier women need to pay a little more attention to detailing. Choose something that is lightweight in design, and has simple detailing to give you an illusion of a curvy frame.

Buying kamarbands online at Pinkshop

Online shopping gives you the luxury of choosing a kamarband based on the design, style, price, colour and brand. Add one or more to your jewellery box, and accentuate your traditional look like never before.