Basic mobile phones are the earlier models of mobile phones that have only the voice calling and text messaging capabilities. Feature phones are those which have features over and above basic mobiles but are not as advanced as the latest smartphones. These have a basic multimedia and internet capabilities, they have a microphone, micro USB port, micro SD card slot, Voice changer, a rear-facing camera and more. Check for a range of basic mobile phones below 1000 and 500 from Samsung, Nokia, Lava and more great brands. On Pinkshop you can find a best catalog of these basic devices along with the feature phone price list and you can easily buy one online at the best prices.

What is a basic phone?

A feature phone is a type or class of mobile phone that retains the form factor of earlier generations of mobile telephones, with press-button based inputs and a small non-touch display.

Best features phones in India

These were very popular before the arrival of smartphones. After the advent of the basic mobiles came the feature phones which could do much more than the basic models that could do only voice calling and text messaging, they had become one of the top selling devices from 2000-2010. Nokia & Samsung mobiles have always been one of the most popular mobile phone devices under this category. For the same reason some Nokia is coming up with latest models to cover the customers who buy these devices online. These devices have commendable battery life.

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Some of the most famous & popular dual sim basic mobiles are Karbonn, Nokia, Samsung, Lava, Intex, Micromax, ikall and more.