Smart Watches: More a Than Just Time Machine

In last decade, watches were used to tell just the time. Over time, manufacturers added extra features to the watch like date, day, moon phase, dual time, world time, stopwatch, calculator and timer. But nowdays technology has taken over the development of watches. The result is the ‘Smart Watch’. These watches are capable doing almost everything smartphones can do.

Now you can track your fitness data, take and view pictures, make and accept calls in your smartwatch. There is a wide range of smart watches online and you can shop very easily.

Smart watches – Be Tech-Friendly

Smart watches are the favourite accessory of tech-savvy peoples. Like a smartphone, they have a touchscreen and support various apps to record your heart rate and other vital signs. On Pinkshop, you will find a wide assortment of smart watches for men and women featuring various OS and design styles to suit everyone’s preference.

Types of Smart watches Online

Whether you are on the lookout for Wear OS or Tizen smart watches, you are guaranteed to find your desired product on our website. Here are some of the variants available:

  • Wear OS – One of the more popular types of smart watches out there, these smart devices are Google’s alternative to the Apple watch. Initially introduced under the name Android Wear in 2014, Wear OS watches have been designed to function seamlessly with both Android and iPhones.
  • Tizen – Samsung has launched its own version of an operating system for smart watches and other devices. Similar to Google assistant offered by OS, you can control Tizen’s personal assistant Bixby with a number of voice commands. It can be easily paired with Android and iPhones, and its diverse health apps make it a favourite among fitness freaks.

Shop Online for Smart watches on Pinkshop

Our exclusive selection of smart watches for women and men will not only keep you tech savvy but will also redefine your fashion statement. You can also browse through our selection of analogue and digital watches from popular brands. Be sure also to check out our wide array of accessories like Bluetooth speakers, wallets, sunglasses and much more.

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