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For ages, the Islamic clothes of women have continued to be a topic of discussion irrespective of the place. Often, the hijab is publically viewed as something forced and oppressive. However, in a world like today, where freedom from all kinds of restrictions is the talk of the hour and the motivation of various protests and open rebellions, hijab is not something that can be considered onerous. Most women today choose to wear hijab because they find it liberating and empowering.

The constant need to defend their own choice to wear hijab, burqas or kaftans (permanently or temporarily) has left most women exhausted. Hijab and other Islamic dress have now become a powerful medium to express one’s faith, personality, and even, to a certain extent, one’s implicit political view.

Muslim dress marks the point where lines between fashion, faith, and politics begin to blur. The style of such islamic clothing does not negate the faith, even though it is restrictive (based on certain perspectives), continues to blend with the fashion trends.

A woman modestly dressed is like a pearl in its shell”, a famous quote for Muslim Women who wears trendy modest Islamic wears. In traditional Arabic women’s clothes we can find modest fashion dresses. Nowadays, we are bored with traditional style. So, most of them are in search for trendy and fashionable Muslim clothes online. Here, Pinkshop provides the modern and trending fashion of variety of dresses with best discounts and prices.

fashion evolution of muslim dresses

fashion trends and clothing have evolved and invaded the lives of the rich and the poor alike. The most significant example is the Muslim women clothing – hijab, niqaab, kaftan, burqa, abaya, etc. The traditional attires, the covered styles of dressing began to transform into more fashionable styles while adhering to its religious beliefs at the same time. The Islamic clothing for women rightfully serves to facilitate the personality of the Muslim women. It is a juxtaposition of faith and fashion. Today, even the basic modest Muslim dresses are available in all ranges, from cheap and basic to exorbitant and designer: Burqa – fully covered clothes with only a transparent screen before the eyes as opening, Kaftan – a variant of robe or tunic with long sleeves and reaching up to the ankles, Hijab – a scarf that leaves the face uncovered and many more. Though all these types are cognate and therefore similar, they remain popular and high on-demand throughout.

Types of Islamic Clothing

Here, we are listing the most notable ethnic apparels for Women in this modern era. This common types of Muslim wears using as both modern and traditional wear. Let’s look for all the clothings available on Pinkshop. Buy modest Islamic clothing online like abaya, hijab, burqa and more on one place.


Similar to headscarves, it is a popular veil worn by many Islamic women. Hijab covers the head and the neck. Popular in the Arab world and the West, hijab is one of the sought-after apparels with even big brands like Nike launching a sports hijab for women athletes.


Abaya is another loose garment that is famous in many parts of the world such as North Africa and the Arabian countries. Basically, Abaya is a robe-like dress that was initially available in the color black. Nowadays, Abaya Online are available in different shades as well as enriched with patterns and embroidered designs that can be worn on special occasions.


Burqa is another style of a veil that covers the entire body, head and face with an opening left only for the eyes. Burqa is still of prominent importance in Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and Muslim-majority regions such as Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.


Midis, Tops and Kurtis have become an outfit that is stretched beyond the Indian borders. A long top with knee-length, it comes in full sleeves that are paired with Salwar or Churidar and Dupatta.


Available in different designs, patterns and fabrics, stoles are lightweight, soft and skin-friendly. Delicately designed and embroidered, Stoles are suitable for both western and traditional wear. Simply wrap around your neck or wear them like a shawl.

KAFTANS – the modest Muslim wear

Kaftans are loose-fitted Islamic dresses that cover the entire body and leave the face exposed. Kaftan may have an Islamic wellspring, but it is cramped no longer to the tastes of the Muslim women; rather, it is now a Muslim women clothing fashion style and trend adored, coveted, and adopted even by the non-Muslim women all over the world. It is available in various designs and colours and made of exotic material to add to the wearer’s charm. In addition to the trend, it is also available for all types of weather as it can be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton and worn with a sash. The styles and uses of kaftans vary from person to person and place to place. It can be worn as an overcoat or an overdress.

Modern Islamic clothing demand is on the rise

Recent surveys indicate that the demand for Islamic clothes keeps rising by 20 per cent every year on average. The market for Islamic clothing is huge in Asia, i.e. around $58 billion. Indonesia, followed by Malaysia, exports the most number of Muslim clothes in the world. Islam is the fastest-growing religion, and secondly, due to the consistent Muslims who continue to consciously hold on to their faith even in the desperate times of global secularity. Islamic clothing has risen from being cramped by faith to being a source and a medium to convey freedom and liberation among women. It has become a global statement and at once stands out and stands with the latest modern trends.