Thong is type of panty that gives minimal coverage at the back, so no panty lines is visible through the outfit.


Panties are fun. Really. If all you have is a dozen panties in the same old floral print that you keep rotating, then you are missing the fun that a good collection of G-strings, thongs and hipsters in the panties section. With a good collection of panties in your closet, you seriously won’t feel like wearing one of those cheap cotton granny pants with your sexy little black dress. Dressing up for an evening outdoors is now going to be more fun with the fashionable choice of underwear that you have, so you can feel sexy and more confident in your black dress. Yes, sexy and stylish underwear go a long way in making a woman feel more confident. Come explore Pinkshop’s lingerie collection which has not just fashionable thongs but also other items of intimate wear, namely bras, baby dolls, bikini tops and bottoms, panties and more.

Thongs: A Must-Have In Every Woman’s Collection Of Panties

For those of you who don’t know what this underwear is, it is nothing but sleek and minimal underwear that does not contain too much fabric. While most panties have fabric covering the buttocks, this has just a small lining of fabric on the rear, making you feel sexy and feminine. 

What Makes Them Different From G-Strings?

Now, if you have seen G-string panties before, you may be wondering what the difference between thongs and G-strings is. While the two kinds of underwear have striking similarities, there is one major difference here. G-strings, as the name suggests, have nothing but a string at the rear, leaving the buttocks completely exposed. Thongs, on the other hand, have a piece of fabric that is thicker than the single string found on G-string panties. 

While G-strings make you feel sexy, thongs make you feel sexy and comfortable. So, while G-strings can be a good option when you spend an evening with your man, the latter is a better option when you are going to be doing something active, like dancing and can even be a good option when you are on an outdoor adventure. It doesn’t harm to feel a little hotter and more attractive, does it?

The following are two reasons why you should have a pair of this sexy underwear in your collection. 

1. They keep visible panty lines away. This makes them very convenient when you dress in tight trousers and skirts. so no panty lines

2. They are comfortable. Unlike what you think. You need to try it to believe it. With this underwear, you don’t have that problem of the fabric on your panty riding up.

Shopping For Thongs Online

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for an awesome collection of thongs to make dressing up in dresses, skirts and jeans and T-shirts more fun. The best way in which you can shop for underwear is online. Pinkshop have a broad range of thongs in different designs from floral prints to polka dots to stripes to self designs in bright and attractive colors. Scrolling down on online shopping sites, you are going to find an interesting collection of G-strings that you can choose from. Have fun comparing the different designs of G-string panties and choose the one that flatters your body in the best way. with our thongs store – unleash your inner style diva now.