Hipsters panty is a smooth blend of two styles- bikinis & boyshorts. So they may or may not cover the navel, depending on the waist rise.


Cool Hipster Briefs

The secret to having a great day is to wear the perfect lingerie; there might be numerous types of panties (boy Shorts, bikinis, high-cut briefs, ETC.) but the hipster briefs are by far the best when it comes to ease of wear and fitting. We at Pinkshop now spoil you with choice with our hipster briefs in India range – say yes to umpteen succulent colours, cute designs, fuzzy fabric and economical prices. This is comfort wear, not just Innerwear – shop for hipster briefs online on Pinkshop now!

Types of Hipsters Panties:

Based on coverage and waist rise, hipsters have 2 basic styles:

  • High waist hipster with medium coverage.
  • Mid waist hipster with medium coverage.
  • Low waist hipster with medium coverage.

FAQs on Hipster Panties

  1. Are hipster panties comfortable?

    In between bikinis and boyshorts lies the hipster panties. You will find hipster underwear available in a plethora of colours. The good thing about this underwear is that it is made of super comfortable material, which allows your genitalia to breathe easily. These are sassy and casual and are designed to flatter the woman’s body. Women’s hipster underwear will sit only a few inches below the waistline.

    These panties provide optimum support and comfort to the wearer. In terms of coverage, they are extremely good, which means they are quite suitable for all types of outfits.

  2. What is the difference between bikini panties and hipster panties?

    The significant difference between bikini panties and women’s hipster panties is how they sit on a body. When someone wears a bikini panty, the panty will sit below the hip, and it will show a little bit of the abdomen. One can adjust the height if they want, though. The bikini-style will have less fabric on the sides, and the leg opening cut will be higher. Since these panties sit below the hip, they become perfect to wear with any outfit.

    Hipster panties, on the other hand, will provide the person with more coverage. This happens because of the high-waist feature of hipster panties. This panty will sit a bit higher, covering the hipbone. High-waist hipster panties will have more fabric around the sides too. Even with slightly more fabric, hipster panties are super comfortable to wear.

  3. When to wear hipster panties?

    Since hipster panties provide more coverage in the abdomen area and the sides, they become perfect for low-waist bottoms and denim jeans. Even for low-waist skirts, hipsters will be an ideal choice. For those who are body-conscious and don’t want anything to reveal their skin, hipster underwear is perfect. These panties will cover everything and provide you with optimum comfort.

  4. Are hipster panties seamless?

    Not all hipster panties are seamless. However, you will find beautiful and seamless hipster panties online. Plus, these panties are available in myriads of color that will easily match your outfit. These trendy panties are a must-have.

  5. Can you wear hipsters under gym pants?

    One of the best underwear to wear under the gym pants is hipster cut. They offer maximum flexibility and full coverage. Opt for a breathable, antimicrobial, and durable fabric that will allow easy movements of your legs.

Get cheeky chic with Pinkshop’s range of hipsters. These mid-coverage panties sit lighty low on the hips making it perfect for casual and formal outfits. Pinkshop’s range of panties has an extensive use of laces and cottons. We have got the international runway styles of lace hipster panties and other sexy hipster styles right down to your doorstep. Hipster panties are loved by women all over the world because they are the perfect blend of support and sexy. We know how tedious it can be to shop for lingerie that goes perfectly with your apparel, whether you are jeans wearing adventurer or a chic skirt wearing diva. Which is why, we’ve chosen the perfect combo of curve hugging hipster designs for you, that lets you be who you are without having to worry about what’s showing or what’s not.

Have fun with hipster panties

We do not often get very many choices when it comes to female underwear. With the variety of choices you get on Pinkshop, you can pair off your panties with various kinds of dresses and have fun. Hipster panties with a slight pop of colour would look gorgeous under a lace dress, and the mosaic printed ones would provide you with comfort on the days when you want to laze around at home. Go feel amazing with the extensive range of hipster panties from Pinkshop — shop now!