What are boyshorts? Like their name suggests, they are basically shorts for women. Alternatively, you can call them the female version of male boxer shorts.


When you need comfortable and invisible panties, then boyshorts panties should be your first choice. Full-coverage boyshorts may not be revealing enough, but they are one of the best underwear in hot summer months. The female version of mens boxer shorts provides full coverage and can be worn by any waistline low, mid or high. The leg openings of boyshorts are extended up to a few inches above the mid-thigh so that you can be active all day without getting rashes. Boyshorts panties are made from fabric like cotton, polyester and lycra and are so soft that you can wear them during the day and even sleep in them.

History Of Boyshorts

Boyshorts began to get popular in the late 1990s among young girls but quickly spread into the wider population. Today, most women enjoy wearing boyshorts because it is modest yet fashionable lingerie.

These days boyshorts for girls are available in different styles like lacy, cheeky, short, long and seamless. Buy boyshorts because they are cozy and can easily take you from 9 to 5 without making you feel uncomfortable.

Boyshorts : Ways To Wear

Although this womens innerwear got its name from bearing a resemblance to mens shorts, it is quite feminine. Boyshorts come with ribbon bows, lace trimming, and are available in stylish prints and colours. So whether you like white lace boyshorts or a satin one with pretty floral prints, go ahead and make the most of them.

Here are some of the ways you can wear women boyshorts daily.

  1. WEAR THEM WITH YOUR OFFICE-WEAR – Wear comfortable boyshorts in soft, rayon spandex with lace which gives you maximum coverage for a flattering and smooth look. Wear them to work under your trousers, skirts and dresses, and there will be no visible lines. Not only are they versatile, but they feel cosy as well all day.
  2. WEAR THEM TO THE GYM – Wear sporty boyshorts with your workout attire, they are comfortable and designed to move with your body, so you can stretch and strain without being uncomfortable.
  3. WEAR THEM WITH YOUR LOUNGEWEAR – Wear boyshorts in comfortable cotton blend with a matching camisole for loungewear. After a long day, relax in these panties and cotton leggings without any tension of being overexposed. Wear them with matching bras in cute and playful prints on a hot summer night in place of your regular nightwear.
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