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The one intimate aspect of every woman’s needs is a brassiere. From the simple bra to the t-shirt bra, strapless bra and so many more, there is a bra to fit every occasion and event, today, we are here to talk about the so popular push up bra which is revolutionary in many ways.

How Does Pushup Bras Work?

A push-up bra has breast support enhancers such as foam pads along with bra cups. The pads used in the push-up bras rest at the bottom, pushing your bust inwards to give a rounded and sexy look. This leads to a more prominent cleavage and gives a glamorous look to your overall posture.


Here are some of the newer varieties of the push up bra which might interest you.

  • Push Up Padded Bra – If you are looking for a bra that not only gives your bust a lift but also makes them look bustier, then this is the bra for you. You will be glad to find that there are lightly padded as well as fully padded options in this category. This kind of push up bra can be paired with fitted dresses, to lend your figure a defined shape.
  • Adhesive Push Up Bra – This variety of push up bra is also referred to as a ‘stick on’ bra because it does as its name suggests. You will find it mostly in a cotton polyester blend that can be worn as everyday wear also. These bras do not have an underwire or any straps.
  • Strapless Push Up Bra – When you want a push up bra that gives you moderate support while allowing you to wear fun clothes, this bra fit in it. These bras rely on the underwire and chest strap to help keep things in place. You can find options that are padded as well as non-padded, depending on your requirements.

Benefits – Why Should You Buy a Push-up Bra?

  • Lifts your bust instantly
  • Comfortable
  • Seamless
  • Goes with almost everything
  • Better body appearance

Styles of Push up Bra

  1. Strapless push-up bra – if your dress demands you wear a bra without a strap, go with this without any doubt.

  2. Plunge push-up bra – if you’re planning to wear a low cut or V-cut top. Women with heavy breasts must wear this.

  3. T-shirt push up bra – if you’re planning on wearing a t-shirt, go with this. It gives you a smooth look on your t-shirt

  4. Wireless push up bra – if you find underwires uncomfortable, you can go with this. Cups are placed in a way that serves the purpose of bras and adds durability to a push-up bra.

  5. Bridal push up bra – The sexy bra you find in the ladies bra section.

  6. Padded push-up bra – if you are looking for some enhancement in your bra, go with this. Apart from betterment in appearance, it helps to enhance your posture.

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