Wooden Yoga Danda – Armrest For Yoga Practice

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Sales package – 1 Wooden armrest stick

Material – Wood

Color – Wood brown

Finish – Shiny

Dimension – 48 cm x 17 cm x 4.5 cm

Weight – 510 gm

Origin – India

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The Yoga Danda is a T-shaped wooden staff of about 2 feet in height. The horizontal member is bent with a smooth broad edge to provide a comfortable support to the armpit. By using it appropriately, the flow in the nostrils can be regulated.

Wooden Yoga Danda is an ancient device, designed by yogis centuries ago. Wooden staff armrest helps in changing the flow of breath in nostrils in yoga practice. Also the Sadhus used these kind of sticks to rest their hands while counting beads. This allows a person to achieve optimum energy flow in the body. The flow of breath can be altered by supporting the Saadhu stick under the armpits (right or left as per need). Place the yoga dand under the armpit of your active (open nostril) side and put your weight over the danda. Observe your breath flow and you will find within 5 to 10 minute your breath flow will alternate to the other nostril side. For example, if your right nostril is open put yoga danda under your right armpit for handrest, breath flow will change in to left. The area under the armpit is rich in lymph nodes; the lymph removes the toxins from the human body. Pressing the armpit also stimulates the lymph flow and aids in detoxification of our human body systems. Make it a regular practice to use the Yoga Danda for a few minutes daily while being seated. Yoga Danda is of great help to practitioners of Japa Meditation as well. Meditation with mala beads (japa) can be tiresome for the hands at times. So the practitioner can use the Yoga Danda to support his arm holding the beads. It enables a longer, unhindered japa without discomfort.


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