Vishnu Kamal Plant (Vastu Plants)


    Sales Package – 1 Vishnu Kamal Plant including pot

    Model Name – Succulent Live Plant | Indoor/Outdoor Garden Plant

    Type – Succulent

    Life Cycle – Annual

    Plant Name – Vishnu Kamal

    Suitable Location – Outdoor

    Container Type – Pot

    Container Material – Plastic

    Feng Shui Plant – No

    Hybrid – No

    Recommended Planting Season – Spring, Summer, Winter

    Age of the Plant – 1 Year

    Height – 200 mm (minimum)

    Box Width – 15 cm

    Box Height – 15 cm

    Box Depth – 15 cm

    Weight – 500 gm

    Width – 100 mm

    Container Height – 18

    Container Width – 10

    Generic name – Plants

    Origin – India

    No returns available


    Planting and Care Instructions
    Water by sticking your finger in the soil. If it is dry several inches down or the fleshy leaves are looking shriveled, you should water., Over watering is a cause of root rots and the plant can get several pest infestations, Re-pot when the plant performs clump and goes beyond the pot size. It should be done before or after the rainy season and in the spring season.

    The silvery gray to bluish-green foliage has a pinkish tinge to the edges of the leaves when they are young


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