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The evolution of the saree has lots of changes in its look, draping style, patterns, designs and fabrics. The trendiest version of the saree that has come on board in the recent years is the half saree. The half and half sarees have gained immense popularity in the last few years, ever since it entered the fashion scene. It not only rules over the hearts of the masses but has also become a favourite with the classy style.

Do you tend to get confused between a half and half saree and a half saree? Do you expect to shop for half saree designs and models online and find a range of half and half sarees instead? Then, read this guide to buying half and half sarees online with a look at the differences between these two styles:

1. What is a Half Saree? 

Chennai Express movie is a must-watch for two reasons. The movie is hilarious. And the second reason is to admire how lovely Deepika Padukone looks in different half saree designs. It’s simple. A skirt (usually stitched from a saree), a blouse (that’s very similar to a saree blouse) and a dupatta that you drape to make it look like a saree.

2. What is a Half and Half Saree?

 Bored with wearing sarees in the same design right from the pinned pallu to the fall? Then you can shop online for half and half sarees. These are sarees that come in two different styles, so one half of the saree is entirely in one material or design and the other half in another, creating a blend of two styles. So, you can have a solid-colored pallu and printed pleats at the bottom. Sounds interesting? Then shop online to have look at the range of half and half sarees available from popular brands.

Let’s have a brief look at two popular styles that you’ll find while shopping for half and half sarees online: 

  • Bollywood Sarees  – A Bollywood saree is one of the best options you have when you want to look like a diva at parties and on an ethnic day in office. While shopping for half and half sarees online, you will find a range of stylish Bollywood sarees in materials like georgette, jacquard and velvet, combined with materials like net and silk for a stunning result that you’ll love. 
  • Bhagalpuri Sarees – Originating from what’s popularly known as the silk city, Bhagalpuri silk is a special kind of silk that’s very popular among fashion designers today for its fine texture and beautiful dying techniques that result in a stunning effect. Pinkshop have some beautiful Bhagalpuri sarees blended with cotton, art silk and other materials that you can have a look at online.

Ways to wear half and half sarees

  1. Whether you are a newly bride or a married woman, a red saree is a must-have. Try on the red and white half & half saree with woven design and embroidered detail throughout and a contrast embroidery taping along the border. Wear it with big jhumkas, red and white bangles and a matching bindi and pull off the aesthetic look in style.
  2. Go bold, beautiful yet traditional with a gorgeous black and cream coloured poly georgette half saree, with an embroidered border. Pair it up with a full-sleeved blouse, white stone jewellery, vintage jhumkas, and hair pulled back open.
  3. Wear what the princesses would! Look every bit of a royal with blue and beige art silk embroidered half and half saree, with an embroidered border. Pair it up with a quarter-sleeved blouse, side-parted open hair, matte makeup and statement earrings, and rule the ground you walk on!
  4. Thinking of wearing a saree at a casual party? Do it with a red and black poly crepe colour blocked half saree. Its long pallu has intricate artwork towards the bottom, and the two solid colours are stylish enough to make a fashion statement. Team it with a sleeveless, low-back blouse, artificial diamond choker, matching earrings, open hair and own the spotlight like nobody else!
  5. On days when you feel like looking your ‘sanskari’ best, the pink Bhagalpuri silk printed traditional half saree is what you can count on! This lovely half-half saree has a gorgeous woven design along the border. Wear it with a short sleeve blouse, simple necklace, stud earrings and a matching bindi and watch the world gaze at you in wonder!

Half Saree Designs 

Half saree designs are mainly called so because of the contrasting color of one half of the saree as compared to the other half. Half sarees allow for bold color combinations and various designs. Because of the rising popularity of wearing half sarees at different Indian functions, designers have now begun to add different elements to it as well as western ideals. Party Wear Half sarees are a version of the traditional Indian sarees and are famous in the South of India. 

While these are just two of the many styles mentioned, you can shop online to find a range of printed, embellished and embroidered half and half sarees. You have Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi sarees, Assam silk sarees and so much more that you can admire before you choose the perfect saree for you. And, you can also have a look at the range of half saree models and designs online to buy what makes you look stylish. So, on days when you don’t really feel like draping yourself in pleats, a half saree is the best option for you. And on days when you want something more interesting instead of a plain saree, a half and half saree is what you should go for.