Silk thread bangles are a plain set of bangles wrapped in colorful threads with colorful stones and beads. Checkout our beautiful collection of handcrafted Silk Thread Bangles


Glass or metal bangles are outdated these days but silk thread bangles are in heavy demand in between ladies and girls. However, what makes handmade silk thread bangles so special when compared to bangles in other materials is the range of colorful designs that they provide you with. very stylish. colorful designs is nice and soft feel that makes these bangles so comfortable to wear.  let’s now have a look at a few silk thread bangles designs & styles that you can experiment with while shopping for silk thread bangles online:

Matching Bangles For Your Outfit

Next time you wear a solid colored silk saree or ethnic suit, leave the gold and diamond bracelets. Have a look at silk thread bangles collection online that come in solid colored sets to choose one that matches the color of your outfit. Pinkshop boutique store have silk thread bangles in bright & lovely colors that are sure to look gorgeous when you match them to your unique outfit.

Feminine Fun Look With Colorful Bangle Sets

If you love to wear jeans & sneakers most of the time, It’s time to try something different. Wear a colorful set of silk thread jhumka earrings with bangles on one hand for a fun and feminine look. you can even keep it simple by teaming just two bangles on your wrist for a stylish and sophisticated look. In Our trendy collection of silk thread bangles jewellery online, You can choose with awesome design and colors.

Shop for silk thread bangles online today to add more variety and fun to you. So Enjoy Shopping on pinkshop