Fox Tail Anal Butt Plug For Couple


  • Product name : Fox Tail Butt Plug
  • Material : Made of high quality stainless steel, safe to body
  • Item Style : Fox Tail Anal Toys
  • Quantity : 1
  • Function : Anal Fun, Cosplay
  • Best for : Couple, Lesbians, Women, man
  • Tail Size : about 35 cm
  • Insert Plug Size : 85 x 35 mm
  • Package include : 1 x Tail Anal Plug
  • Origin : China

Note : Not returnable product due to hygiene issue



  • The highly emulational fox tail toy has no odour, and fur will never fall off, That’s quite soft, comfortable and has quite nice touch feeling.
  • This fox tail butt plug made of high-quality glass can be used for insertion after being heated or cooled and you can enjoy the extreme joy from the alternative coolness and heat.
  • It is the superior fox tail butt plug, the wild cosplay sexual toy.
  • After it is used, he or she will turn to a sexy, lovely and obedient.
  • Enjoy it solo or use it as a perfect couples toy.

Release the beast within with your very own furry tail.

Sway, swish or trail the furry end over your lover’s skin to up the teasing game.
Faux fur tail swishes and tickles the back of your legs and allows for some naughty role play fun. The stainless steel can be cooled or warmed for some harmless fun and it’s the easiest to be cleaned!

Lube up before play for an even smoother experience.

How to use – 

Step 1: Take it out of its packaging

Step 2: Wash the plug as per our guide to taking care of your sex toys

Step 3: Lube it up and get your foreplay on!

Step 4: Once you’re sufficiently aroused, insert the toy as per your preferred rhythm and depth.


Note: check out our comprehensive guide to anal play for beginners!


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