Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Pendant Reiki Healing Stone

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Base Material – Crystal
Gemstone – Amethyst
Color – Purple
Model Name – Amethyst Pyramid Pendant
Occasion – Everyday, Workwear, Love, Party, Religious, Wedding & Engagement
Chain Included -No
Collection -Ethnic
Sales Package -1 X Natural Amethyst Crystal
Pack of – 1
Locket Type -Single Locket
Finish -Can be used for Healing Stone Pendant, Fashion Jewelry, Gifting for Unisex
Number of Gemstones – 1
Other Features – 100% Authentic , Natural and Original Stone / Crystal – small holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible
Shape – Pyramid
Diamond Cut -Brilliant
Natural/Synthetic Semi-precious Stone -Natural
Length : 20-25 mm
Width – 20-25 mm Approx
Generic name – Gemstones
Origin – India


Amethyst gemstone offers certain benefits for body detoxification and health. This gem provides benefits similar to tourmaline, such as far-infrared radiation and negative ion emission. While the benefits of amethyst gemstone are controversial, many applications of this stone are beginning to regain popularity.

  • Amethyst is the crystal for Crown and 3rd Eye Chakra.
  • Wearing Amethyst protects one from all kinds of negative energies.
  • Amethyst is useful in insomnia and nightmares.
  • It is an extremely powerful stone for meditations and meditating with amethyst reduces anger, stress and depression.
  • It is also a stone which can be used for de-addiction.
  • Hold Amethyst in your hand while meditating to activate the 3rd eye. For students and education amethyst is useful.
  • It is also a crystal to strengthen the immune system.
  • You can carry amethyst in your pocket while going on for court cases, And Vastu Correction.
  • We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well being.
  • Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.


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