Shankh (शंख), known as Conch shell, is famous for its reverberating sound that echoes away to glory. It is a quintessential part of Hindu and Buddhist traditions and is usually used during worship. With a prosperous historical background, shankh is the sign of rituals. Having originated from the earlier idea of drive away the demons with the sound go out from it. This divine element has its share of beliefs and superstitions just like any other spiritual component. 

Mythologically, shankh is the sacred symbol of the Hindu god, Vishnu. Hindus till date, use it as a sign of long life, prosperity and wealth. In the contemporary world, it is also used to welcome the guests at a wedding or any auspicious occasion.

Types of Shankh

There are two types of shankh – left handed and right handed. In Hinduism, each of these has a meaning attached to it. The right handed shankh is associated with god Vishnu and stands for vast expanse of infinite space. The left handed one symbolizes god Shiva and is related to turnaround of the laws of nature. You can choose one depending on your religious inclinations. You can also find shankh that are either used for bowing or as a decorative element.

Materials used and designs

Some of the materials used are brass, earthenware, PTFE, silver and silver plated. Choose one that you can easily blow or the one that suits your surrounding furnishings. You can find shanks in different colours like gold, green, red, silver, yellow and white. The ones that are used for the decorative purposes are intricately designed with detailed carvings for a gorgeous look. 

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