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Blessed by Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, the pure 14 faces rudraksha is popular for being the most divine gemstone, also referred to as Dev Mani or Maha Shani in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Wearing this powerful bead helps appease its ruling planets Mars (मंगल ग्रह) and Saturn (शनि ग्रह). While Mars is related to passion and sexuality; Saturn helps or resists things to work in favour or against an individual, as per the planetary positions. Wearing natural 14 mukhi rudraksha in silk or woollen thread, capped in silver or gold in form of pendant or bracelet reverses the malefic effects of both these powerful planets.

This divine bead controls the third eye or the intuitive powers of a person, also called the Ajna Chakra. Wearing this rudraksha makes a person fearless and intuitive, both the forces helping the person work towards achievement of his goals and ambitions. It is the only rudraksha that is placed atop the shivling while worshipping Lord Shiva. All the other rudraksha are placed on the Yoni base around the linga. The original 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is rare and is in great demand because of its impactful benefits. Make sure you to buy 14 mukhi rudraksha online from a certified seller of beads and are energized by an expert or pundit.  Pinkshop, India’s number one online shop for hundred percent pure rudraksha offers rudraksha beads along with certificates for the verification of originality and authenticity.