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Topaz is a stone of nobility, love, passion, and purpose. Topaz is a yellow or blue colored, semi-precious gemstone of topaz mineral family. In vedic astrology, it exists as the substitute of yellow sapphire and is worn to improve career, financial position, health and marital relationship.

Who should wear Yellow Topaz?

Topaz stone is associated with the planet Jupiter (बृहस्पति ग्रह). Astrologers recommend it to be worn to improve weak or malefic Jupiter in their birth charts or to benefit from its positive placement.

  • Vedic astrology assigns yellow topaz gemstone for Sagittarius (Dhanu) or Pisces (Meena).
  • Western astrology prescribes yellow topaz birthstone for Sagittarius (धनु राशि).
  • Yellow Topaz can also be worn by Aries (मेष राशि), Cancer (कर्क राशि), Leo (सिंह राशि) and Scorpio (वृश्चिक राशि).

How to wear?

WeightMinimum 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight. E.g. – a person weighing 50 Kgs can wear a 5-carat yellow topaz.
ColorBright golden yellow topaz is ideal for astrological purposes.
MetalPanchdhatu is most preferred. Alternatively, gold, silver, white gold and platinum can also be used.
FingerIndex finger (तर्जनी) of the working hand.
Day & TimeThursday, early morning is most suitable.
Mantra & Chanting TimesOm Brim Brihaspataye Namah, ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः | (108 times)

Topaz Stone Benefits

Yellow or Golden Topaz is recognized as the Upratna or substitute of yellow sapphire in Indian astrology, implying similar nature of benefits of Yellow Topaz. However, as in case of substitute its astrological effects take longer time to materialize and may differ in terms of expectations.

  • Growth in Administrative, Legal & Creative Careers – Topaz is quite beneficial for people working in academics, government jobs, judiciary or creative arts. Wearing a yellow topaz stone benefits the native by boosting his creative and practical judgement.

  • Financial Progress & Social Upliftment – Topaz improves wearer’s will power and concentration, thereby helping him realize his goals and visions. Professional success and social recognition are some of the benefits of wearing yellow topaz.

  • Better Physical and Mental Health – People suffering from kidney and liver related ailments are suggested to wear yellow topaz if they can’t afford yellow sapphire. Yellow topaz is also effective in coping-up with psychological disorders like depression or anxiety.

  • Marital and Progeny Bliss – As Jupiter rules married life and progeny, it is believed that wearing a yellow topaz can help women facing delays in getting married or are struggling with bearing children.

Topaz Prices

Topaz gemstone price in India ranges between ₹ 400 to ₹ 500 per carat ($5.4 to $7), depending on origin, color, clarity, size and cut etc.

  • Color– Color is the most influential factor when determining the cost of yellow topaz. Imperial golden topaz is the most sought-after color commanding higher premium than other shades.

  • Origin– Yellow topaz price per carat is usually more for the gems mined from Brazil owing to richer color consistency and clarity. However, other origins like Russia and Ukraine, command decent value in the market as well.

  • Clarity– Yellow or golden topaz price is also driven by inclusions found in the gemstone. Cleaner pieces with minimum visible inclusions are more desirable both astrologically and aesthetically, drawing more money than included ones.

  • Size– As a thumb rule, price of yellow topaz increases with increase in carat weight. Since, bigger, cleaner pieces are rare to find, cost of yellow topaz may rise in higher proportions with respect to its weight.

  • Treatment– Yellow topaz is often heat treated to enhance its color. Original, untreated yellow topaz are usually more valuable than the treated ones.

  • Cut– Yellow topaz has a direct influence on its price simply because of the stone wastage incurred in the refining or shaping of gemstone. Faceted cut yellow topaz costs more than the round or oval ones.

Quality Of Topaz

The quality of Topaz is judged collectively after analyzing its origin, color and clarity. Any change, major or minor, can significantly influence the overall worth of the gemstone. Buy the best quality Yellow Topaz gemstone to make the most of your shopping.

  • Origin–Yellow topaz mines have been discovered in Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, Australia, United States and Asia. However, yellow topaz from Brazil, is the most popular variety considering the richer color consistency and overall clarity found in the majority of gemstones mined from the region. Also, yellow topaz from Ukraine and Russia have become popular with time.

  • Color– Yellow Topaz comes in many colors, from light to deep dark yellow to brown. But Brazilian Imperial Topaz displaying golden yellow hues with a light tint of pink, is the most desirable color with highest aesthetic and astrological relevance.

  • Clarity– Clarity is broadly judged by the transparency and inclusions found in the gemstone. Visible inclusions in yellow topaz exist in and as tear shaped cavities. Invisible inclusions can only be seen with a microscope. A transparent, natural yellow topaz gem with least number of visible inclusions is highly regarded for astrological and aesthetic uses.


Q) Why is colorless Topaz cheaper but Yellow Topaz expensive?

A) Topaz deposits occur across the globe but pure yellow topaz mines are quite limited. Because of being inexpensive and easily available, colorless topaz stones are often heated to produce sharp yellow or brownish yellow hue to reap massive profits. Heat treated topaz loses its color after a certain period of time while natural, original Yellow Topaz retains its aesthetic and astrological relevance. For this reason, natural, pure yellow topaz are far more expensive than colorless or heat treated topaz gemstones. At Pinkshop, you can buy natural yellow topaz online from our wide collection. 

Q) How can I know that my topaz stone is real?

A) There are a few easy ways to tell a real topaz apart from quartz. The first characteristic to keep in mind is the hardness factor. An original topaz will scratch glass while quartz will not leave a mark on it. Moreover, a real topaz is also cool to touch and it gets electrified easily. 

Q) Can yellow topaz lose or fade its color?

A) Yes! Yellow Topaz can lose its color due to the prolonged exposure to daylight and harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy original yellow topaz from trusted dealers and online stores. Proper care and handling is equally important to maintain the quality of the gemstone for longer use.

Q) Yellow Topaz should be worn in which finger for best astrological results?

A) As per vedic standards, one should wear a yellow topaz ring in the index finger of the working hand. Astrologers believe that wearing yellow topaz in panchdhaatu, gives good results in wearer’s life. Alternatively, it can also be customized in gold, silver, white gold and platinum as per wearer’s personal choice. One should always consult an astrologer before wearing an astrological gemstone.