Spinel is singly refractive and very transparent gemstone found in deep brick red to different shades of purple. Spinels work as wonderful healing gemstones and are often used to customize jewelry as well.

Spinel Meaning

Western astrology recommends Spinel birthstone for Virgo sign (कन्या राशि). Spinel is regarded as the stone of revitalization that helps the wearer to de-stress and re-energize themselves from all aspects.

Red spinel is connected with the Heart Chakra and the Root Chakra that is particularly used to simulate strength and physical vitality. It also enhances the relationship and confidence.

About Spinel

Spinel is a gem-quality mineral that is found in almost every color ranging from colorless to brick red, intense blue, green, pink, orange, purples, and even black. Out of all these shades, Red Spinel is the most coveted and highly sought-after. Across the world, Spinels in certain shades are regarded as wonderful healing gemstones whereas others are used for making extraordinary jewelry pieces. This gemstone is also recognized as the August month birthstone. This beautiful gemstone with exceptional radiance is highly desired and used for jewelry purposes.

Spinel Properties

Spinel Chemical FormulaMgAl2O4
Spinel Hardness8 (Mohs Scale)
Spinel Refractive Index1.718
Spinel Density3.57 – 3.72
DiaphaneityTransparent – Opaque

Spinel Stone Benefits

Spinel is one of the favorite gemstones of gem dealers as well as gemstone lovers. This gemstone is allured for its beauty, brilliance, hardness and brightness. It is one of the most durable and beautiful gemstones that are perfect for making any kind of jewelry. This powerpack gemstone comes in a variety of colors and based on the color, Spinels are attributed with different healing properties. For instance, Red Spinel gemstone is thought to promote vitality where Green and Pink spinels are known to bring love and nobility to the wearer’s nature. Violet Spinel stone signifies spiritual growth whereas Yellow Spinel favours the intellectual development of the wearer. It has a lot of benefits to offer. Some of which are:

  • Financial Benefits – Spinel is regarded as an abundance stone and was treasured by the kings and emperors since ancient times. It is said that the benevolent energies of this Spinel gemstone work in a unique way to bring wealth and opportunities a person is seeking.

  • Physical Benefits – It is said that a Spinel Ruby benefits the wearer by multiplying their physical strength and stamina. It miraculously enhances the workout efforts and helps to channelize their energy in the right direction.

  • Spiritual and Emotional Benefits – When looking for a crystal to enhance emotional strength, Spinel is the one you should try. It is specifically recommended to cure lethargy and boost inner strength. For those who are recovering from a broken relationship, Spinel is an absolute bliss.

  • Health Benefits – Spinel healing properties help to improve the wearer’s health in many ways. Its positive energies activate the ‘Root Chakra’ and cure the issues associated with it. This gemstone can be worn as an effective remedy to improve the health of gums, teeth, skin and spine. It also supports weight reduction and cancer healing.

Spinel Quality

Well-formed Spinel gemstones are definitely higher in demand. Spinel is recognized for its variety of color, vitreous luster, brilliance, and elegance. It is important to understand that there are different colors of Spinel available and based on them there are different factors that determine the quality of a Spinel. Color, Clarity, Carat weight, and Cut are the most common parameters that can help you determine the quality of Spinel.

  • Colour – Spinels occur in numerous colors, each having its own significance and value. The most valued Spinel colors are bright red, cobalt blue, vivid pink, and orange. On a broader scale, the intense, richly-colored natural Spinel gemstones are preferred over light or dark ones, regardless of the shade. As far as the shade is concerned, the blood-red Spinel is considered the most desirable, followed by the clean Cobalt Blue Spinel.

  • Clarity – Being a Type II clarity gemstone, natural Spinel is likely to have minor inclusions. However, Spinel with no inclusions is more in demand. The more prominent the inclusions the less value it obtains.

  • Cut – The quality of the cut makes a big difference. The Spinel Gemstone should sparkle in a lively way, poorly cut gemstones can ruin the quality as well as the beauty of the gemstone. Spinel in Oval and Cushion cut are the most popular choices. Spinel being one of the most loved gemstones for jewelry, it is advisable to go for shapes that are properly proportioned and have excellent brilliance. One should always look for a Spinel in good symmetry and shape. Because of the scarcity of fine quality raw Spinel, this gemstone is mostly cut in standard size and shape that saves maximum weight without distracting the beauty. Oval and cushion cut Spinel are the most popular choice for jewelry as well. However, round and Emerald cut Spinel can also be found. High domes, round and oval Spinel cabochon (polished gems with no facets) can be a distinct choice, in case you are not interested in the faceted spinels.

  • Carat Weight – Spinel is generally valued more when it is below five carats of weight. However, most fine-quality rough gemstone is cut to non-standard sizes to save weight.

  • Spinel Price – Spinel price varies depending upon the quality, color and size of the gemstone. As discussed there are different colors of Spinel available and the price depends broadly on them. Black Spinel is the least expensive one and ranges from 250 INR ($ 3.41). Blue is generally of higher quality and can cost somewhere around 2500 INR ($ 27.28) – 25000 INR ($ 272.82) per carat. Reddish pink and purple Spinels range from 10000 INR ($ 136.41) – 20000 INR ($ 272.82) while Deep Pink comes in a huge variety and can cost somewhere around 1500 INR ($ 20.46) – 1.1 Lakh INR ($ 1500). In recent years, Spinel price has begun to increase steadily because of its growing popularity and demand in the gem and jewelry industry.

Spinel Jewelry

Spinel is known for its beautiful color and appearance. Thus, it makes an excellent jewelry stone. Because of its alluring color, good luster, and excellent transparency Spinel is highly desirable and displays a glamorous and elegant look. It adds a sophisticated appeal to the jewelry pieces and glams up the personality of the wearer. Spinel is quite durable and therefore can be worn in daily wear jewelry. However, Spinel makes an excellent option for your vintage and red carpet looks.

Available in different shades, Spinel gemstone is becoming a popular choice for rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, etc. PinkShop provides customization service to our valuable customers where our team of CAD experts designs the Spinel jewelry including Red Spinel Ring, Spinel Necklace, Spinel earrings, Spinel Bracelet, Spinel Pendant, etc. as per the needs of the customer.


Q) Is Spinel a good choice for engagement rings? 

A) Yes, Spinel stone makes a great choice for engagement rings. It is subtle, adorable and just perfect for your engagement ring. However, you can also customize your engagement ring as per your requirements and look trendy as well classy wearing it.

Q) Are there any astrological aspects of Spinel Gemstone?

A) Yes, Spinel has innumerable astrological aspects and one should always consult an astrologer before wearing the particular gemstone. You can get in touch with our team of entrusted expert astrologers. As known, different colors have their own value and one has to consider them before buying.

Q) Can Spinel be worn everyday?

A) Spinel Gemstone can be worn daily. Being an 8/10 Mohs Hardness, Spinel is a durable gemstone that is absolutely suitable for daily wear.