Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. Sapphire is the birthstone for September.


Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone) is a highly precious, blue colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family.
Recognized as the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone in vedic astrology, it brings instant wealth, fame and success in wearer’s life.

Who can wear Blue Sapphire?

Being associated with the karmic Saturn, Blue Sapphire is recommended for people undergoing difficult phase of ‘Shani Sadhe Saati (साढ़े साती)’ or ‘Dhaiya (ढैया) in their lives. Since, its effects are quite strong and felt instantly, Neelam gemstone (नीलम रत्न) should be recommended only by expert astrologers and with a great deal of caution.

  • Indian astrology prescribes Neelam ratna for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) rashi.
  • Western astrology recommends blue sapphire birthstone for Libra (तुला राशि).
  • Neelam birthstone can also be worn by Gemini (मिथुन राशि), Virgo (कन्या राशि) and Taurus (वृषभ राशि).

How to wear Blue Sapphire Stone?

WeightMinimum 1/12th of the body weight. E.g. a person weighing 60 Kgs can wear a 5-carat stone.
ColorFor best astrological results, bright medium to dark blue sapphire is highly preferred.
MetalSilver is highly recommended. Gold is usually avoided.
FingerMiddle finger (मध्यमिका) of the working hand.
Day & TimeSaturday, early morning between 5-7 am.
Mantra & Chanting TimesOm Sham Shanicharaya Namah, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः। (108 times)

Blue Sapphire Benefits

Blue sapphire (meaning Neelam in Hindi) is quite popular and known as Neelamani (नीलमणि), Indraneel (इंद्रनील), Indraneelam (इंद्रनीलम), Neela Pukhraj (नीला पुखराज) etc. in the eastern world. People lend enormous faith in this gemstone for its ability to resolve financial, professional and psychological problems encountered during the tiring phase of Shani-Saadesati.

  • Instant success in business, jobs and independent projects – Saturn (शनि ग्रह) is known to compensate the person with just rewards. Professionals or businessmen facing stagnancy in their careers, can break the deadlock and turnaround their fortunes in no time by wearing blue sapphire.

  • Surging Fortunes – One of the most rewarding benefits of blue sapphire is the instant reversal of sliding fortunes. Neelam rashi ratan strengthens the weakened Saturn, thereby blessing the person with abundant opportunities to create and manage wealth.

  • Extended Fame & Popularity – Be it a creative endeavor or a political ambition, Blue Sapphire benefits the wearer by making his talent and hard work recognized by the relevant communities, bringing him fame and fortune.

  • Reoriented Discipline, Patience and Detachment – Saturn is known to inculcate discipline in native’s lifestyle and makes him focused, determined and progressive towards work. Benefits of Neelam gemstone are reflected in the rewards gained as a result of evolved work ethics of the wearer.

  • Stronger Mind, Bones and Senses – Neelam benefits the wearer by healing his joint pain, gout and arthritis and keeping sensory organs in good shape. It tranquilizes the mind and relieves people of confusion, anxiety and depression.

Blue Sapphire Prices

Worth of blue sapphire stems from its rarity and popularity as a jewelry gemstone. In addition, being astrologically important, blue sapphire price in India or outside trend in a wide range of ₹ 3,000 and ₹ 2,30,000 plus per carat ($40 to $3080).

  • Origin – Kashmir sapphire price per carat range stays between ₹ 55,000 and ₹ 5,50,000 plus ($750 to $7690) because of ‘true blue’ color and velvety texture associated with this origin. Ceylon blue sapphire price per carat range between ₹ 2200 and ₹ 35,000 plus ($30 to $490) because of overall decent quality. Thailand blue sapphires are so much cheaper.

  • Color – ‘True Blue’ or Royal Blue is the most desirable color in blue sapphires. In addition, tone, saturation and color consistency carry considerable influence on blue sapphire’s overall value. A bright, pure blue and vividly saturated piece draws much higher price in the market than sapphires that are too dark or too blue or gray.

  • Clarity – Finding an eye clean original blue sapphire is exceptionally rare since almost every original Neelam stone contains inclusions in the form of rutile needles (Silk). Also, location, volume and nature of inclusions can influence Neelam’s cost.

  • Carat Weight – It is quite rare to come across an original, flawless blue sapphire above a few carats because color and clarity are highly unlikely to co-exist on the same scale. Unsurprisingly, for such a piece, Neelam price in India or anywhere can range in millions.

  • Cut & Shape – A finely cut blue sapphire fetches good money in the market as it can enhance the brightness of the stone and conceal the visible inclusions. If quality remains same, rounder or oval shaped blue sapphires are cheaper than square or other custom shapes because of the stone wastage incurred in the process.

  • Treatment – Sapphires are heat treated to enhance color and remove color zoning. Natural, unheated blue sapphires are usually more valuable (depending on other factors) than heated or chemically altered stones. Lab created blue sapphires are often sold as genuine pieces but are neither worthy nor astrologically significant.

Blue Sapphire Quality

Like other colored gemstones, the quality of blue sapphire is measured by collectively assessing its origin, color, clarity and other factors like uniqueness. Knowing what to look for can help you buy the best quality blue sapphire gemstone online as per your financial and astrological conditions.

  • Origin – Blue sapphires mines have been discovered in Kashmir (India), Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand and America. However, being royal blue and velvety in texture, Kashmir sapphires are rated highest on the quality scale. Ceylon blue sapphire gemstones are also considered to be of fine quality. Other origin varieties like Bangkok blue sapphires are darker in color and hence less worthy.
  • Color – Going by sapphire color chart, ‘true blue’ is considered ideal (e.g. Cornflower blue sapphire) which is neither too violet or too purple. In addition, the stone should be just enough bright and vividly saturated so that it doesn’t look dull or too luminent. Majority of Kashmir blue sapphires display these characteristics and hence are extremely precious. However, quality begins to drop if one or all three traits of color matrix are compromised. In Hindi, deep blue neelam gems are often referred as ‘Indraneelam’ stone.

  • Clarity – Given their gemological composition, inclusions are usually acceptable in sapphires. Visible inclusions in blue sapphire usually exist as fine silk (needles), fingerprints and color bands. Natural blue sapphires without visible inclusions are rarely found and hence are exorbitantly expensive. However, it is always advisable to buy certified blue sapphire whether online or from reputed dealers to ensure a fair purchase.

  • Uniqueness – Blue Star Sapphire – Sapphires are known to exhibit ‘asterism’ in a six-ray star like fashion. A blue sapphire producing such an effect is called Star Sapphire. They have been discovered in Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand and certain parts of Africa and South- East Asia. Being opaque, Blue star sapphire price depends on luster and perfection of the star print which is best viewed under direct sunlight by tilting the stone at different angles. A well-aligned six-ray radial can drastically increase blue star sapphire’s value.


Q) 2. Can anyone keep blue sapphire in pocket to get its astrological benefits? 

A) It’s a complete myth that one can avail of the benefits of blue sapphire without properly wearing it. Vedic astrology strongly recommends that Neelam gemstone should touch the wearer’s skin in order to receive its benefits. Blue Sapphire is best worn in a silver ring but can also be customized into a pendant or bracelet as per wearer’s preference. Furthermore, Blue Sapphire can also be kept under the pillow while sleeping as this gemstone works best on an unconscious mind and brings quicker results.

Q) Can I wear Blue Sapphire and Diamond together?

A) Yes, blue sapphire and diamond can be worn together. In vedic astrology, Saturn is associated with blue sapphire whereas diamond signifies planet Venus. These planets share cordial relationship and thus the combination of blue sapphire and diamond is considered auspicious in vedic astrology. Emeralds also make a good astrological combination with blue sapphire. However, it is absolutely necessary to consult a trusted astrologer before wearing any combination of astrological gemstones to avoid any negative planetary influence.

Q) Will blue sapphire suit me?

A) One must always remember that blue sapphire is the most powerful and fastest acting astrological gemstone and for this reason, it should only be recommended by qualified, experienced astrologers and with utmost caution. In other words, blue sapphire does not suit everyone and can adversely affect the wearer if worn without thorough astrological consultation. We strongly suggest our customers to go for an in-depth analysis of their horoscopes before wearing it. At Pinkshop, you can consult from our team of qualified and experienced astrologers to know if blue sapphire suits you.

Q) In blue sapphires, which color is astrologically most effective?

A) Blue sapphire color can mean different to a person buying it for jewelry and different for someone seeking it for astrological reasons. Usually, deeply saturated blue color is considered ideal for best results and is recommended. However, in certain situations, based on a person’s planetary conditions, astrologer can advise him to wear a blue sapphire of a very specific color. E.g. Indraneel stone, which is much darker, can be suggested. Likewise, the astrologer may recommend him to wear Mayur Neelam (मयूर नीलम), which is another variety of blue sapphire carrying tints of blue and green. Khooni Neelam (खूनी नीलम), the blue sapphire with red dot like inclusions, is recommended in very rare and extreme cases. In other words, when there is no specific requirement for a blue sapphire color, deep-dark but bright blue sapphire is most effective.

Q) Can we wear Blue Sapphire in less carat weight?

A) Yes! One can wear natural, untreated high-quality blue sapphire stone in lesser carats to receive its benefits. Astrologers believe that a low weight but qualified blue sapphire provide much better results than an average quality stone of high carat weight. However, reduction in carat weight should not be of more than 2 carats of the wearer’s body weight. Ideally, blue sapphire carat weight should be at least 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight. You can buy Neelam stone online from extensive collection at Pinkshop covering different weights.