Paraiba Tourmaline stone known for its bright neon colours. The colour ranges from blue to green. Paraiba tourmaline is an incredible rare gemstone that is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is unique.

paraiba tourmaline gemstone


Paraiba Tourmaline is an exclusive neon blue to blue-green colored gem variety of the Tourmaline family. It is the only tourmaline that owes its extraordinary vivid hue and intense glow from the copper element. This gemstone was discovered in the 1980s in the Paraiba Hills of Brazil and got immensely popular in lesser time because of its unmatchable beauty and high rarity. This gemstone is always appreciated by the jewellery lovers and gem collectors.

Who Should Wear a Paraiba Tourmaline Stone?

The unparalleled beauty, limited availability and huge demand collectively made Paraiba tourmaline a legendary gemstone. Despite its recent discovery, the natural Paraiba tourmaline stones earned a good reputation in the gemstone world. Its popularity increased further when the gem therapists recognised the healing properties of Paraiba Tourmaline.

  • In western culture, Paraiba tourmaline is accepted as October month birthstone and the zodiac stone for Librans (तुला राशि) and Scorpions (वृश्चिक राशि).
  • Paraiba tourmaline gem is an absolute delight for serious collectors who seek for fine gems for their collection.
  • Paraiba tourmaline hardness on Mohs scale (7-7.5) makes this gemstone perfect for all kind of jewelry. It can be easily worn in the form of ring, pendant or bracelets.

Benefits Of Paraiba Tourmaline

In gemstone healing therapies, Paraiba tourmaline is regarded as a spiritual gemstone that brings positivity, peace and a feeling of fulfillment. It have immense healing properties that help the wearer to stay fit and healthy.

Sharpens Intuition & Creative Skills – Paraiba tourmaline stone is said to enhance the wearer’s intellectual abilities and helps to remove negative perceptions and confusions of life. Its positive energies stimulate the throat chakra and assist clear expression of thoughts. Paraiba tourmaline gemstone is believed to greatly benefit orators and public speakers.

Promotes Emotional Healing – Paraiba tourmaline stone psychologically benefits the individual to recover from unpleasant memories and replace them with new ideas. It also supports the people who feel over-burdened with responsibilities and encourage personal accountability.

Supports Meditation & Spiritual Vision – The calming energy of Paraiba tourmaline stone encourages the wearer’s forgiving tendencies and helps the person to stay calm and peaceful. According to the gem therapists, this gemstone is a wonderful relief for meditation and spiritual practices.

Improves Metabolism & Immune System – In alternate healing therapies, Paraiba tourmaline gemstone is considered beneficial for people suffering from any eye-related disease, metabolic disease or immune-related disorder. Paraiba tourmaline healing properties are said to have a positive effect on the throat, eyes, teeth, jaw, hormone production, vital organs and bones of the wearer.

Quality Of Paraiba Tourmaline Stone

The origin, color, luster, clarity and cut of the Paraiba Tourmaline defines its overall quality. While evaluating a Paraiba tourmaline, the color and brilliance (luster) always remain the most important criteria. The best quality Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone must have a phenomenal color and luster. Even a minor difference in these quality factors can create a huge difference in prices.

  • Origin – The copper-rich Paraiba Tourmalines were originally found in the Paraiba states of north-eastern Brazil (Mina da Batalha mine). But later some copper-rich tourmalines were also discovered in the African states like Mozambique and Nigeria. Quality-wise, it is difficult to differentiate Brazilian Paraiba Tourmalines from the African Paraiba Tourmalines. However, due to its historical significance, the copper-bearing Paraiba Tourmaline Brazil is always regarded as a more valuable purchase.
  • Color – Unlike other tourmalines, Paraiba tourmaline involves an interesting interplay of two element traces – Copper and Manganese that give rise to numerous unique hues. Paraiba tourmaline color usually ranges from light blue to neon blue and greenish-blue combined with a brilliant glow. Although buyers admire all these shades but Neon Paraiba Tourmaline (blue or green) is always being most the appealing and rare variety. In the market, the pure neon blue Paraiba Tourmaline and neon green Paraiba Tourmaline are considered quite valuable.
  • Clarity – Gemstone Paraiba Tourmaline belongs to the Type II clarity category. It means these gems may contain some visible imperfection such as liquid and gas inclusions, healed fractures (fissures), brownish-yellow metallic inclusions and color-zoning. Generally, the cleaner and less included copper bearing Paraiba Tourmaline loose gemstones are considered best for purchase.
  • Cut – Due to the scarcity and high value of raw Paraiba Tourmaline, this gemstone is faceted with great caution to retain maximum weight without hampering the beauty. Since they are available in nature as cylindrical rods, therefore, the rough is usually cut in rectangular, round and oval shape. Paraiba Tourmalines in highly customized brilliant cuts are rare and more precious.

Paraiba Tourmaline Prices

Paraiba tourmaline’s beauty can exceed any other tourmaline and therefore demands a premium for its exclusiveness. Due to its depleting deposits and no futile new discovery of mines, the price of Paraiba tourmaline accelerated steeply in the past few decades. In the international gem markets (especially in USA and Japan), Paraiba tourmaline stone price may cross the value of finest red Rubellite and green Chrome tourmalines.

Paraiba Tourmaline prices in India starts from Rs 3,500 per carat ($50 approx.) and can reach up to Rs 60,000 per carat ($750 approx.) and above for high-quality model.

  • Origin – Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline price per carat is usually higher than Nigerian Paraiba Tourmaline or Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline price per carat. According to the market experts, Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline value can reach upto four times of the Mozambique Paraiba tourmaline prices.

  • Color – The vivid neon blue Paraiba Tourmalines in a medium tone and high saturation is regarded as the most desirable color variety and always fetches a good premium. The presence of slight green overtone is common, therefore, doesn’t creates a significant difference in price. However, pure blue Paraiba Tourmaline is always pricier than the green or blue green Paraiba Tourmaline. Gems with undesirable yellow or brown traces are considered relatively less valuable.

  • Carat weight – Paraiba Tourmaline even above 1 carat are geographically rare. Thus, the price per carat of Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazilian origin grows exponentially when moving beyond two or more carats. The rise in Paraiba Tourmaline carat price may be slightly less for the African counterparts.

  • Clarity – In Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones, the eye visible natural flaws are more common whereas clean pieces are hard to find. Therefore, the price of Paraiba Tourmaline increases dramatically for naturally clean stones.

  • Cut – Fine quality Paraiba tourmaline rough stone is rarely found in nature. Therefore, it is faceted judiciously to derive maximum value. Paraiba tourmaline cabochons (non-faceted, polished gems) in oval and round minimizes loss of weight and thus doesn’t create any significant hike in prices. In contrast, the loose Paraiba tourmaline gemstones in deep fancy cuts involve greater weight loss in cutting. So, Paraiba tourmaline stone prices for such stones are expected to be high.


Q) What is Paraiba Tourmaline?

A) Paraiba Tourmaline is an astonishingly beautiful variety of tourmaline gemstone that gets its intense glowing neon blue to blue-green color from the copper content. It is one of the most renowned gemstones that gained huge popularity in a very short span of time. Its intense beauty, high rarity and strong demand increased the value of Paraiba tourmaline tremendously in the international gemstone market.

Paraiba Tourmaline meaning is mainly associated with its place of discovery (Paraiba Hills in Brazil). These exclusive copper-containing deep aqua blue gemstones were found in the Paraiba mines of Brazil. Later, when similar quality tourmalines were resourced from the mining location of Mozambique and Nigeria, they were also traded as Paraiba Tourmaline considering the reputation, prices and demand of Paraiba Tourmaline in the gemstone market.

Q) How to identify a Paraiba tourmaline?

A) Gem Certificate is issued by trusted gem testing laboratory always serves as a valid and most reliable proof of gem identification. Thus, Pinkshop always recommends the buyers to shop for a Paraiba Tourmaline certified by a trusted gemological institution to ensure that the gemstone is real, 100% natural and free from any quality enhancement or treatment. The presence of treatment cannot be noticed from naked eyes and can only be checked from an expert report issued by an independent gemological laboratory. GIA, Gubellin, IGI, GRS and AGL etc. are counted amongst the most respected labs whose certificates are best to consider while purchasing rare and super-expensive gemstones.

Q) Where to buy Paraiba Tourmaline?

A) Paraiba tourmaline is extremely rare and valuable gemstone. The lower supply, huge demand and high prices limit the suppliers and wholesalers to stock this gemstone. Hence, this gemstone can be found only at the trusted gem stores and retailers of the industry. Choosing the right gem supplier is equally important to ensure the quality and authenticity of the gemstone. Treated, lab-created, simulated and synthetic Paraiba tourmalines are known in the market. So, it is always advisable to buy certified Paraiba tourmaline from the reliable

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