Opal is the birth stone for the month of October. The name is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Upalla’ which means precious stone.


Opal is a white colored semi-precious gemstone of silicate mineral family recognized for its wonderful ‘play of colors’. This astrological substitute of precious diamond is worn for success in creative pursuits, luxurious lifestyle, high social status, matrimonial harmony and good health.

Who Should Wear Opal Stone?

Opal meaning Upal in Hindi and Opala in Sanskrit, represents planet Venus (शुक्र ग्रह). It is worn to counteract the malefic effects of weak Venus in the native’s birth-chart and bring financial prosperity, physical well-being and good social status for the wearer.

  • Indian astrology assigns Opal ratna for Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) rashi.
  • Western astrology recommends opal birthstone for Libra sign (तुला राशि).
  • Opal gem can also be worn by the ascendants of Capricorn (मकर राशि), Aquarius (कुंभ राशि), Gemini (मिथुन राशि) & Virgo (कन्या राशि).

How to wear Opal gemstone?

WeightMinimum 1/10th of the body weight (in kg.). For e.g. – A person weighing 50 kgs can wear 5 carat Opal ratan.
Opal ColorNatural White Opal with intense colourful fire is considered best for astrological results.
MetalBest wore in the silver ring. Alternatively, platinum, gold and panchdhaatu (पंचधातु) can also be used.
FingerRing finger (अनामिका) of the working hand.
Day & TimeFriday, early morning between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon).
Mantra & Chanting TimesOm Shum Shukraya Namaha, ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः
(108 times)

Opal Benefits

Throughout history, Opal gem is recognised for its astrological properties and aesthetic charm. In recent years, many of the popular jewellery brands and fashion houses have been promoting Opal as a jewellery gemstone. For those who believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones, Opal is like a blessing wrapped in the beauty that helps the wearer to cope up with the tough situations of life.

  • For Blissful Matrimonial Life – According to the Vedas, the weak placement of Venus in the horoscope indicates conflicts and disagreement in the native’s married life that might lead to separation. Milky Opal ratan is worn to stimulate love, harmony and mutual understanding between the couple and get rid of the marital issues.

  • Improved Financial & Social Status – Venus relates to luxuries and worldly desires. Therefore, astrologers place deep faith in the opal ratan for not just elevating the financial conditions but also in maintaining the native’s social status and luxurious lifestyle.

  • Success in Creative Ventures – Being associated with the planet of creativity and innovation, the natural opal gemstone is considered highly beneficial for the individuals facing creative blocks, lack of inspiration and insecurities of life. Astrologers strongly believe that wearing white opal benefits in giving an extra push to the artistic expressions and aligns creative energies to gain better outputs.

  • Heals Liver, Endocrine & Urinary Disorders – In medical astrology, white opal is highly valued for its metaphysical properties that are considered helpful in curing liver, kidneys and hormonal disorders. Being a healing gemstone, black opal and fire opal also benefits the wearer to get rid of various psychological problems and sleeping disorders.

Opal Quality

The quality of an Opal depends on numerous factors such as its origin, colour, the brightness of fire, fire-pattern, clarity and transparency level. Buy the best quality Opal gemstones to make the most of your shopping.

  • Origin – Opal mines are discovered in Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Sudan, Hungary and U.S.A. Of all origins, Opal from Australia is widely popular for its bright hue and rich fire. Ethiopian opal is next preferred followed by Mexican opal which is transparent to translucent and reddish orange in appearance.

  • Color – Color is the most influential factor for evaluating the Opal’s value. Pure white with fire is the most dominant hue although, orange, black, green, blue and pink opal also exist. A white opal with fire is considered most desirable for its astrological purposes. Opal with dark body color like black, blue and green are equally valued as they display a perfect play-of-color above a dark background.

  • Brightness of Fire – The presence of fire is what draws a fine line between a precious Opal (that comes with fire) and a plain common Opal. In precious opal, the brighter and consistent fire display is highly valued whereas the presence of faint and the dull play of colors reduce its market price. Common Opals are most affordable but astrologically less effective.

  • Fire Pattern – Pattern is basically the arrangement of color that has an enormous impact on the opal value. A combination of broad, brilliant and colourful flashes is rare therefore it is more expensive than the small pinfire patterned opal.

  • Clarity & Transparency – In opals, the level of transparency and inclusions defines the clarity. Dendrites, sand particles, webbing, healed fractures and potch strand or dead spots are some natural inclusions that detract the value of Opal if visible through naked eyes. On the other hand, the level of transparency depends much on the type of Opal since transparency is admired in crystal opals whereas opaque spotless surface is desirable in White Opal, Boulder Opal and Black Opal.

  • Shape – The gem quality Opal rough is generally cut and polished into a round and oval cabochons (non-faceted gems). Opal cabochons with perfect domes usually display the best fire from different viewing angles. It is often advised to avoid purchasing gems with too high or too flat domes as they are more vulnerable to damage when customized in jewellery.

Opal Stone Price

Opal stone value in the market largely depends on the origin, color, clarity, play-of-color, shape and carat weight of the gemstone. Due to the popularity of Opal stone in the Indian and international market, Opal cost is also affected by the supply and demand cycle.

Opal stone price in India starts from Rs 300 per carat ($4 approx.) and can land up to Rs 6,000 per carat ($75 approx.) and above, depending upon certain factors which we have outlined here –

  • Origin – Australian opal being the most sought-after origin, draws a premium in the range of Rs 750 to Rs 6,000 per carat ($10 to $75 approx.). Being of slightly lower quality, Ethiopian opal price per carat ranges from Rs 550 to Rs 2,500 per carat ($8 to $30 approx.). Mexican opal or Mexican fire opal is also priced well because of its bright and unique orange hue.

  • Color – The degree of brilliance in color is the standard to judge the Opal price. A glowing gem in pure intense hue always commands a higher value. On the other hand, the dull colored Opal stones even with a definite pattern and colourful flashes may bring only an average price.

  • Fire Intensity & Pattern – In Opals, the number of colors, brightness and consistency in play-of-color collectively influence the Opal’s overall worth. The more intense, broad and colourful is the pattern, higher is the opal cost. White Opal price for stones with strong fire is as high as Rs 6,000 per carat. whereas a plain White Opal stone value lies just around Rs 5,00 per carat ($7 approx.). Australian Black Opal prices are quite high for its outstanding play of color and high rarity.

  • Clarity – The value of transparent opal generally reduces due to the presence of a milky or cloudy background. The cost of crystal opal increases with the rise in the level of transparency. For opaque gems, like white opal and dark black opal, the presence of eye visible inclusions, pits or blemishes reduces the price drastically.

  • Clarity – The value of transparent opal generally reduces due to the presence of a milky or cloudy background. The cost of crystal opal increases with the rise in the level of transparency. For opaque gems, like white opal and dark black opal, the presence of eye visible inclusions, pits or blemishes reduces the price drastically.

  • Shape – Precious opal is generally cut into round, oval or pear shape. Opal cost increases for special cuts like marquis, heart and rectangular due to the carat wastage involved in the process.

  • Treatment – Markets is full of cheap sugar-smoke treated and fracture filled opals. Therefore, it is important to choose a trusted local dealer or online store to buy real, genuine milk Opal at the best prices.


Q) What is the difference between Opal with Fire and Opal with double side fire?

A) PinkShop have categorized Opals on the basis of the intensity and extend of fire. Opal with double side has a strong fire that extends throughout the surface and is visible from both side and all angles of the stone. Opal with fire displays play-of-color more prominently on the upper surface and is less in number on the inner surface. Both the varieties are considered good for the astrological purpose. But since the lower side of the stone touches the skin, therefore, Opal with double side fire is regarded as a better choice.

Q) What is the difference between Ethiopian and Australian Opal?

A) Opals from Australia and Ethiopia majorly differ in terms of quality. Australian Opal gemstone comes in bright base color with rich and colourful fire flashes that remains forever. Contrast of fire in Ethiopian opal is less intense and slightly unstable. Being hydrophane by nature, Ethiopian Opals absorbs moisture and loses its fire momentarily during humid season. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy the best quality Australian opal in order to ensure maximum astrological benefits.

Q) Why Ethiopian opal loses its fire during the humid season?

A) Opal from Ethiopia especially the Ethiopian Welo Opal is a hydrophane variety which means it absorbs the moisture or water. Whenever these opals are soaked in water or overexposed to moisture, they ‘lose’ their fire. However, once it is dried in natural conditions, the opal retains its original color and state. It is important to note that artificial attempts to speed up the drying process should be avoided as it can create some internal cracks inside Opal crystal and will destroy its beauty.

Q) Is the colour of fire associated with any planetary effect?

A) Yes! The intensity and color of the fire influence the opal gemstone’s metaphysical attributes. Generally, Opal is the gemstone for planet Venus. But according to the astrologers, the color of fire also influence the Opal’s astrology. The color of fire that shows dominance in the flashes is more likely to give results of the associated planet. For instance, if the red is more prominent in the fire, then the opal will also harness the energies of sun whereas if blue is the dominant color in flashes, then Saturn positive energies will also get combined. An opal displaying a full spectrum of colors in the fire is considered best from the astrological perspective.

Q) Out of Zircon and White Opal with fire – which is a better astrological choice?

A) Zircon is a better astrological substitute of Diamond. White Opal with fire is the next most preferred choice to get the positive energies of planet Venus. Astrologically, it is always recommended to wear the primary gemstone to get quick and better results. Being an Upratna, Zircon and White Opal is less impactful and takes more time to shows its astrological effects in the native’s life.

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