Morganite is the orange to pink variety of the mineral beryl. It has been growing in popularity since 2010. Morganite (गुलाबी पन्ना) is the second-most-popular colored gemstone.

morganite stone


Morganite is pink coloured, semi-precious natural gemstone from the Beryl mineral family which is found in different shades of rosy pink, peach and purple. Due to its delicate hues and subtle shine, it is often used as an exciting alternative to the precious pink diamonds and sapphires. Morganite is regarded as the stone of love, compassion and promise, hence, it has emerged out as a popular choice for jewellery and wedding rings.

Who Should Wear Morganite Gemstone?

Named in the honour of the American banker, gem enthusiast and philanthropist ‘J.P Morgan’, Morganite gemstone is also addressed as ‘Pink Beryl’, ‘Rose Beryl’ or ‘Pink Emerald’ in the gem trade. It is quite a versatile gemstone that can accommodate well with different fashion choices.

Generally, the rosy pink Morganite gems are preferred by the women, however, men feel more inclined towards the salmon or peach Morganites. The delicate hue of this gemstone is backed by its excellent hardness (Kunzite hardness is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale) making it a perfect gem to use in jewellery.

Although it’s not a traditional birthstone, Morganite is considered lucky for those born under Pisces zodiac sign (मीन राशि).

Morganite Benefits

Besides its irresistible physical appeal, Morganite healing properties and its metaphysical attributes are equally admired. This gemstone is said to have soothing pink energy that bestows love, fertility and tenderness. Its energies help to purify the soul and stimulate the feeling of relaxation and emotional well-being.

Enhances Love & Positivity – Morganite is worn as a calming gemstone that helps to away the negative thoughts, anger and fear. It is said that wearing Morganite benefits the person by inspiring them to develop a deeper love connection and honest friendship.

Cures Emotional & Mental Stress – According to the gem therapists and healers, Morganite strengthens one’s emotional quotient and creates a sense of tranquility. It is an effective gemstone for those who are dealing with a stressful relationship, emotional traumas and any psychological issue.

Improves Respiration & Heart Health – Medical astrology connects Morganite gemstone with the Heart Chakra and find this gemstone an effective remedy to cure various respiratory and heart-related diseases. In addition, the healing energies of Morganite power the ability to focus and also aid the meditation activities.

Morganite Quality

Some people say that the pure pink Morganite stones are the rarest and the best quality Morganite whereas others do gravitate towards the deep pink and the peach Morganite. The ongoing fashion trend also influences the selection of Morganite as it is primarily a jewelry gemstone. Above all this, it is better to select a Morganite color that appeals to your eye, coupled with excellent clarity and cut so that the gem’s natural beauty emerges out in the best way.

Origin – Brazil, Madagascar, Nigeria, Namibia, Pakistan, Mozambique, Afghanistan and the United States are some of the important Morganite mining places. Traditionally, the Madagascar Morganite and Nigerian Morganite are considered most desirable because of their highly saturated and rosy pink colour. However, the Brazilian Morganite gems are more towards the peachy pink shade and are regarded as the next most popular choice.

Colour – Morganite occurs in different shades ranging from the pure pink to the subtle lavender, peachy pink, bright fuchsias and violet pink. The bright pink Morganite stones are increasingly rare and are highly desired by the collectors and jewellery houses. However, with the rising trend of peach, the pink Morganites with a tinge of peach have started gaining popularity in the gemstone industry.

Clarity – Morganites are majorly used for jewellery, therefore, the eye clean pieces are highly preferred. In the market, one can comfortably find highly lustrous clear Morganite gemstones with minimum visible flaws. Therefore, any compromise on the Morganite clarity front is hardly required.

Cut – The cutting style picked by the gem cutter depends upon the quality of the raw Morganite stone. The best quality Morganite rough stones are mostly cut in standard shapes like round, oval, pear and cushion along with some fascinating cuts like heart, trillion etc. The lovely Morganite cabochons (non-faceted, polished) are often formed using the less transparent rough stone.

Morganite Price

Morganite value is primarily determined by examining its color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The growing demand of Morganite gem in the international jewellery industry has created a significant rise in its overall market value.


Q) What is Morganite Stone?

A) Morganite is a fascinating pink coloured member from a very important mineral family – ‘Beryl’ that it shares along with two very popular gemstones ‘Emerald’ and ‘Aquamarine’. Due to its breath-taking hues, brilliant shine, affordable price and easy availability in a bigger size, Morganite is regarded as a perfect stone to be studded in cocktail rings, brooches, pendants and the other forms of luxury jewellery.

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Q) How to buy a Morganite gemstone?

A) Shopping Morganite online may appear like a difficult task but it can be a memorable one when you are dealing with the right retailer or gem store. While purchasing your gemstone from a trustable supplier or wholesaler, you can find a real Morganite that fits your budget as well as your personal preferences.

Remember that always deal with a gem seller that provide an authentic gem certificate especially when you are buying a natural gemstone. Regardless whether you choose a Morganite or a super expensive diamond, getting a certificate of authenticity is always priceless.

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