Moonstone is mild, calming gemstone. Moonstone represents Moon planet. Moonstone is part of the mineral family of feldspars.

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Moonstone, an alternative June birthstone is appreciated for its blue to white color – a billowy, moon-light glow. Found all over the world, this calming gemstone is a popular choice of jewelry too.

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone (Chandrakant), a member of the feldspar group is prized for its beauty and symbolism. Since the earlier stages of civilization, Moonstone has been successfully ruling the hearts of the human race. Not only due to its striking appearance but also for its calming and healing properties bestowed upon it by the Moon which is the ruling planet of this stone. It is an upratna (Substitute) for pearl or semi-precious gemstone which is derived from Feldspar mineral which is quite commonly found on earth. There are different types of Moonstone available, some of the most famous ones are the Rainbow Moonstone, black moonstone, peach moonstone, white moonstone, pink moonstone and green moonstone. However, the properties possessed by this gem are exceptional and highly beneficial for the wearer. It is still a holy gemstone for Indians that has strong cosmic powers within. Due to its power to ignite long-lasting love and relationships, it is mostly preferred to be worn in rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.

Moonstone Chemical Formula (Na,K)AlSi3O8
Moonstone Hardness 6 (Mohs Scale)
Moonstone Refractive Index 1.518 – 1.526
Moonstone Density 2.55 – 2.58
Diaphaneity Transparent – Translucent

Moonstone Benefits

Moonstone is a gem that derives its properties from planet Moon. Its association with Moon makes it a lucky gemstone for the lovers to unite them for eternity. This pearly iridescent stone has exceptional benefits which are mentioned below:

  • Emotional and Psychological Benefits : Moon can tremendously influence our modern life. Moonstone, linked to the planet Moon, can bring immense emotional stability in the wearer’s life. It instills feelings of composure, makes one calm, and composed and gives the ability to balance all the emotions in one’s life. The Moonstone opens the Heart and Sacral chakra in the body to increase the psychic abilities and inner growth with intuition for its possessor. It helps protect from any kind of negative energy and helps one grow.

  • Health Benefits : Moonstone known for having immense benefits can cure several diseases when worn correctly. It has some extraordinary healing and calming properties that can help cure issues like insomnia and fertility.

  • Love and Relationship benefits : Moonstone is synonym to love and is famous for promoting love in the wearer’s life. It helps attract positive energy which makes one live in a happy relationship. It helps one take some fine decisions which can be accurate to have a good and healthy relationship.

Moonstone Quality

Moonstones exhibit beautiful, elegant, and shimmering color play effects, also known as adularescence, which makes the gemstone worth having. Moonstone is desired and valued for its adularescence effect, luster, cut, clarity, rarity, and carat weight. Certain parameters determine the quality of Moonstone and based on these parameters, the Moonstone quality can be evaluated. The parameters include:

  • Color : Moonstone is a colorless or white-colored gemstone that exhibits an adularescence effect, commonly known as blue sheen. and therefore comes in distinct hues of grey, green, peach, and brown. The finest Moonstone displays electric blue shimmer.

  • Clarity : Moonstone displays a transparent to opaque appearance. The best quality Moonstone is free from eye-visible inclusions.

  • Cut : Gemstones are cut to improve their aesthetics. Moonstone is commonly cut as a cabochon and displays a phenomenal color. When cut as a cabochon, the dimensions should be uniform and it should not be flat in shape. Very flat Moonstone does not exhibit a blue sheen effect.

  • Carat Weight : Gem experts and Gem buyers prefer Moonstone of larger size and weight. Moonstone of larger size displays a high concentration, is more powerful, and shows maximum benefits.

Moonstone Price

The price of Moonstone varies depending on the origin, color, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate it carries. Based on the quality combination, the price of Moonstone can be evaluated. However, a rainbow moonstone ranges somewhere from INR 400-500 per carat. There are different other qualities of Moonstone available, some of which could be the white Moonstone, black moonstone, peach moonstone and the Blue Moonstone.

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Moonstone Jewelry

A jeweler’s favorite, Moonstone makes the most desirable option for jewelry. This stunning gemstone justifies any piece of jewelry from necklaces, pendants, and rings. The alluring shine and grace depicts in any piece of jewelry and is highly desirable and displays a beautiful and elegant look. Pinkshop’s exclusive moonstone jewelry collection includes a Moonstone ring, Moonstone pendant and Moonstone bracelets.

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Moonstone Certifications

We understand that people buy gemstones to enhance positivity and goodness in all forms and for that, we provide authentic certification to all our buyers. We at PinkShop provide an exquisite collection of the finest and the most genuine lab-certified natural Moonstone gemstones, verified and certified by renowned gemstone laboratories such as AGR, GEMTRUE, etc.


Q) How can you check the quality of Moonstone?

A) A good quality gemstone should be transparent and free from any inclusions. To benefit the most, one should prefer getting natural untreated Moonstone.

Q) Who should wear Moonstone?

Moonstone derives its properties from the planet Moon and can be worn by people under the Cancer zodiac sign (कर्क राशि). If you are looking for a gift for your partner on the 13th anniversary then Moonstone should be the right choice. It helps celebrate the joyous moments of your life and becomes immensely beneficial for a beautiful life ahead. However, this semi-precious gemstone should be worn under expert guidance by experienced astrologers.

Q) Can Moonstone be used for both jewelry and astrological purposes?

A) Moonstone, a beautiful gemstone is known for its immense benefits along with the luster and shine it provides. This alluring crystal can be worn for both and when one wears it under guidance, the wearer can be benefited immensely.

Q) Which is the ideal day to wear Moonstone?

A) The perfect day to wear Moonstone is on Monday evening during the Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon). It is highly advised to wear a gemstone on the little finger. If you are a left-hand user then you should wear it on the little finger of your left hand while if you are a right-hand user you should wear it on the little finger of the right hand.